Things to Know About God: Gospel Today Devotional - 29th May, 2023

The word compassion may be defined as  a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, etc. The scripture is replete with examples of the Lord's compassion on people especially in the gospels. Most of the times he taught, healed, provided for the people whom he saw, it was recorded first that Jesus had compassion on them. Quite a number of things the Lord Jesus did were done out of that desire to want to help those who were sick, troubled, and hungry.

Things to Know About God: Gospel Today Devotional - 29th May, 2023

Jesus according to scripture is the image of the invisible God, isn't it? If the Son who is the express image of his Father had compassion on people, don't you think the Father would also be compassionate? It was recorded also in scripture that God( the Father) so loved the world, and that was the reason he sent his Son, isn't it? Why would he have done that? Because he had compassion on us all.

Will a mother see her child hungry, sick, and destitute, and do nothing to help? The answer is no. No mother who truly loves her child would even want to see him sick, hungry, etc. How much more God? Little wonder the scripture says this of the Lord,

"The Lord is gracious and full of compassion" ( Psalm 111:4b)

It says the Lord is gracious and full of compassion, meaning that he doesn't just try to be compassionate. No, not at all. That's his inherent nature. That's he who he is. He doesn't just have compassion, he is full of it. The Lord whom we serve is full of compassion.

The dealings of the Lord with us are full of compassion. His protection, provision, preservation, etc; desiring ever to help his children. He is full of compassion even to those who are yet to be saved such that he draws them to himself. Praise God.

If God who is our Lord is One full of compassion, shouldn't we who are sons of his be full of compassion as well? Shouldn't we have always this desire to help those who are troubled, helpless, weary, fainting, without the knowledge of God? If we say we have been begotten of him and possess the same nature as his, shouldn't our actions show forth the fact that we are full of compassion just as our Father who is as well?

Dear believer, knowing so well that the Lord whom you serve and whose are you is a God full of compassion, it is expected that as his son, begotten of him, you should have always, and that by the grace of God, the desire to help as many as you can. You should also be full of compassion.

Thought for the day: 

As sons, begotten of the Lord himself, and knowing that he is full of compassion, we should desire always, and be willing by his grace to be compassionate to people.

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