Altar by Akobi Moses Oluwasegun

Altar by Akobi Moses Oluwasegun

[A Reawakening Stage Play]  


Baba Agba
Two Elders
Man of sin 


Scene One 

{Curtains off}[Baba Agba is seen on stage flanked by his two elders and worshippers, all rejoicing, celebrating and adoring the splendor of his majesty (songs playing on in background). Suddenly, Baba Agba waves his horsetail (irukere) to halt the ongoing procession.] 

Baba Agba: (with a sorrowful look, he speak) Ahhhh!!! I’m not happy with the present state of my own. (The elders and worshippers readjust their position and set their eyes on him, hoping to hear more from Baba Agba.) My own have deserted me, many of my own have forsaken the first love they had for me, the faith of many of them have grown cold (paused a bit and sighs deeply), most sadly, the Altar of many of my own have broken down and are in shambles.  

Elder on Right: (with reverence, speaks) Baba Agba, you speak to us in parables. Please, make us understand these things you say (bows after he finished speaking.) 

Worshippers: (all in chorus) Beeni Baba, e fi oro naa ye wa oooooo. 

Baba Agba: (readjust his sitting posture, trying to explain to them) Remember, I said in my word that in the last days, the love of many shall wax cold, for lies, deceits, immoralities will prevail, but only those that can endure unto the end shall be saved.  

Worshippers and Elders: (all with nodding agreement, speaks) ehnnnn, looto nii, you said that in your word by the Word. 

Baba Agba: (stands up from his seat and walk toward the front stage) and yes, the last days is here and many of my own are already falling away. They are already falling for the deceits of that evil one; they are neglecting their love and chasing after shadows (paused a bit. This time, with sober eyes, he continued his talk) Ahhhh!! They have forsaken the place of sacrifice, yes!!! They have forsaken their Altar and the evil one is capitalizing on this to get at them (with a thundered sorrow filled voice.) 

Elder on Left: (rose to his feet and move toward Baba Agba, and then, speak with reverence) Baba Agba, what do you intend to do for your own that they may not get reaped away by this man of sin? I know you as a Merciful father who wouldn’t want to lose these ones away to the man of sin (bows after he had finished speaking.) 

Baba Agba: (with eyes soaked with tears, he spoke so tenderly) Truly yes!!! (Paused and continue) I have come too far with these ones to lose them away at this point. I will save them by my mercy and I will reach out to them by my reserved one. I will suffice MYSELF on Adeoba, my beloved and faithful son for this mission of delivering the message of reawakening to this generation of my own. 

Elders and Worshippers: (all bow in obeisance and chorused) Oh Lord God, plenteous in Mercy and slow to anger. To YOU belong glory, honor, power and majesty, He who does not do to us according to our shortcomings. We greatly hallow your name, Majesty.   

Baba Agba: (waves his horsetails) your praises are highly received of ME. May His own enjoy the Peace, Mercy and Love that He brought to them immensely. 

Elders and Worshippers: (all rose to their feet and chorused) AMEN!!!! 

[Then, music plays in the background which Baba Agba and the Patriarchs danced to the rhythm of the song; curtains draw in as the music continues play in the background to light off the stage.]  

Scene Two

[Curtains Off] [Adeoba walk in on stage, which happens to be his church auditorium. He went to the altar side, dropping his Bible and diary, and then laid himself down, and began to worship God as he venture into prayer. (Music plays in background.)Adeoba in the course of his prayer began to groan in the Spirit and speaking the divine language there same. Not sooner, he got immersed in the prayer and was caught up in a revelation into the throne of The Ancient One.] [Curtains draw in to light off the stage.]


Scene Three 

[Curtains Off] [Baba Agba was seen on stage flanked by His two elders and worshippers. Baba Agba was seen talking inaudibly with the patriarchs also nodding their head in agreement. Adeoba walks in on the stage looking lost as to where he founds himself.]  

Adeoba: (in bewilderment and checking himself, speaks inaudibly to himself) Am I dead? 

Baba Agba: (speaks with thundering effect) No. You are not dead. (Adeoba jerked back to realization) You are caught up into the realm of God, for I have a special assignment for you that must be delivered to My own. They are in the last days and many of them are already falling out from the vine, they are forsaking my love and going after other thing that breaks their place of sacrifice before me, which is not good for them. 

Adeoba: (with a searching look, speaks faintly moving closer to where Baba Agba is seated) Baba Agba, what then is my place in this? What do you have me do in this cause? (Bow in reverence.) 

Baba Agba: (speaks tenderly) Omo-oooooo miiiii, ise ti mo ni fun o, ko po rara. Aamo, mo ni lo lati fi awon asiri ohun ikoko kan han o, ki ise naa le ye o. (He beckons on him to come sit closer to him.) 

Adeoba: (moves closer to Baba Agba to sit) e seun Baba Agba. O mu mi ranti oro Re to s’ope emi joko ninu orun pelu Kristi Jesu (bows in reverence.) 

Elders and Worshippers: (all thronged in joy at the saying and respond) Ibukun ni fun o tori apo re kun fun won, oju ki yio ti o, iwo o si segun awon ota li enu ona. 

Baba Agba: (speaks with confidence) Looto looto ni mo wi fun yin, iru omo re yoo sinmi, un O si ba won da majemu ti a ko le dibaje lailai. 

Adeoba: (with reverence) Ki ijoba Re ko wa titi lai ni gbogbo aye ati majemu Re ni diduro sinsin titi de opin. Amin. 

Baba Agba: (waves his horsetail and turns to Adeoba) Saaaa-wooooo, asiri ohun ikoko ti mo ni lati fi han o, ki ise Mi fun o le ni itumo, ati pe, ki o le je iyebiye fun awon eniyan mi. (With Adeoba looking intently into the eyes of the Ancient One, the Curtains draw in to light off the stage.)


Scene Four 

[Curtains Off] [On the far end of the stage is seen two lamp stands with no fire on any of them. A chair was set at the middle of the stage. No sooner, Gbadegesin came on stage clad with his Bible. He just returned from church. Dropping his Bible beside the chair, he sat down and then speaks.]

Gbadegesin: (with a despiteful look) what nonsense!!! How could he tell me that coming to church alone does not suffice my Faith, but I need to have a personal Altar? No, tell me, have I become Isaac now that needs to be offered up at the Altar. The uncivilized pastors of this age will not cease to amaze me sha. I better find another place for myself that I wouldn’t be pestered about the way I live my life. (He was ruminating on this and thinking on what decision to take when the following ensue.) 

[Suddenly, the man of sin appears on stage, twisting his hand which was having effect on Gbadegesin’s spirit. Gbadegesin later succumbs in his Spirit to look for another church, and leave his current church. The man of sin then begins to laugh mischievously. He kept jumping around the stage because, he finally succeeded in drifting his heart away from the place of sound doctrine to a place of false teachings and doctrines. No sooner, the angel of the Lord was seen on stage, shaking his head and lamenting for the sons of men, after which he left. The man of sin also in jubilation left the stage. Then, Gbadegesin speaks.] 

Gbadegesin: (like one under influence, speaks) I am done with Pastor Jide!!! There is nothing stopping me, I have got my life to live and I would live it the way I so decide. (Stands and walks up out of the stage.) 

[Curtains draw in to light off the stage.]           

Scene Five 

[Curtains Off] [Baba Agba is seen on stage with Adeoba. Adeoba was looking intently into the eyes of the Father seeking answers to what he just saw.]   

Baba Agba: (tenderly looking, speaks) I know you are wont to ask me things, Adeoba. But, you need to be patient, for there is still more to show you concerning my people and the need for them to turn back and get on track with ME their Maker and God. 

Adeoba: (sighing) Baba-aaa Agba. I am patiently waiting to know more of what you have to show concerning your own.  

Baba Agba: (readjusting in his seat, speaks) Look closely and see again the state of my own. 

Adeoba: (also readjusting in his seat, draw closer to Baba Agba to see. The curtains draw in as he moves closer to see what Baba Agba asked him to look at.)  

Scene Six 

[Curtains Off] [On the far end of the stage is seen two lampstand with little fire burning on each of them. A chair was set at the middle of the stage. No sooner, Oyenike came on stage clad with her books. She just returned from class. Dropping her books beside the chair, she sat down and speaks.]

Oyenike: (yawning) I’m so exhausted. Ahhhh!!! O re mi faa. I don’t think I would go to Prayer meeting today; even studying the Word at this time now is not an option. All I need now is just a cold shower and a delicious meal to revive my weak body. (Stands up to leave the stage, and on getting to the front stage, she paused looking at the audience and speaks.) Abi, ki le ni kin se oooooo. Ebi kii saa pani koro miran wo. (She then dashed off to the back stage. The curtains draw in to light off the stage.) 


Scene Seven 

[Curtains Off] [On stage is seen Oyenike sleeping on her bed. She was woked up by the incessant alarm of her phone. She sluggishly rose up to a sitting position and checking the time, she discovered she was late for class. She rushed out of bed and made the following statement.] 

Oyenike: (standing at akimbo speaks in a blaming tone) Iru orun iya wo ni mo wa sun bayii? Ahhhh!!! I wouldn’t be able to have devotion again this morning. (On another thought) See, Oyenike, don’t kill yourself. You would do that when necessary; let’s attend to the main thing now. (She moves out of the stage, walking in to the back stage and gradually the curtains draw in to light off the stage.)   

Scene Eight

[Curtains Off] [On the far end of the stage is seen two lampstand with smoke emitting out of each of them. A chair was set at the middle of the stage. No sooner, Oyenike came on stage looking tired and depressed. She feels restless and cannot deduce what is wrong. (Music plays in background). She kept moving from one end of the stage to the other speaking all to herself. After a while, she moves out of stage, with a dejected look. Then, the curtains draw in to light off the stage.]  

Scene Nine [Curtains Off] 

[Baba Agba and Adeoba were seen on stage. Adeoba with a petrifying look glanced at Baba Agba whose eyes was full of pity. Adeoba couldn’t but wonder what could warrant Baba Agba’s sorrowful eyes. Baba Agba on seeing Adeoba’s quizzed look, then speaks.] 

Baba Agba: (facing Adeoba) You wonder why I have this saddened look? (Adeoba nods to assent what Baba Agba asked) I have this saddened look because of the ways my own are wasting away, and you would really know the essence of the saddened look after I show you this revelation. (Baba Agba stands to his feet and asked that Adeoba should follow after him.) Baba Agba: (looks at Adeoba) Ba mi rin. (Adeoba stood up and follow after him) Asiri ti mo ni lati fi ran ooo ni wakati yii gba omije loju mi pupo. (Baba Agba paused and looks at Adeoba before facing the audience. Then, he speaks by making gesture.) saaaa-wooooo, aimoye ti awon eniyan mi n se, eyi ti o fun okunrin ese nii laaye ninu aye won. (Baba Agba and Adeoba moves out of the stage as they continue talking inaudibly, till they weren’t seen again. The curtains draw in immediately Baba Agba and Adeoba had left the stage, to light off the stage.)  

Scene Ten [Curtains Off] 

[On the far end of the stage is seen two lampstand with fire burning heavily on each of them. At the left downstage was seen Adejoke lying down on her bed praying and groaning in the spirit. (Music plays in background).  She continues there for a while till curtains draw in to light off the stage.]     

Scene Eleven [Curtains Off] 

[On stage is seen a chair set at the middle of the stage. Adejoke walks in to the stage with her office bag clad with her. She sunk herself into the chair and dropped her bag beside her. She remembered she didn’t have time for devotion in the morning.] 

Adejoke: (speaking now) ehhhhh!!! I didn’t have my devotion this morning and here I am this evening so tired from today’s work. Baba Agba will understand jare. He definitely knows the nature of my work and he knows also that I need time to rest after each day’s work. (Yawning loudly) the best thing to do now is to have a good cold bath and then get a sound sleep. (She rose to her feet, carrying her bag and heads out to the stage.) [Curtains draw in to light off the stage.]  


Scene Twelve [Curtains Off] 

[On the far end of the stage is seen two lampstand with the fire on each of them going out gradually. At the left downstage was seen Adejoke lying down on her bed. On turning to her bedside, she checked the time and discovered that she is late for work. She hurriedly rose up to a sitting position to pray. (Music plays in background), as she prayed inaudibly.] [The curtains draw in as she prayed to light off the stage.]  

Scene Thirteen [Curtains Off] 

[Baba Agba and Adeoba were seen walking side by side and talking inaudibly as they move on to the stage. On getting to the front stage, Baba Agba paused and speaks now audibly.] 

Baba Agba: (with his tenderly voice) Adeoba, n je oye ohun ti omije fi kun oju mii lekan ye o bayii?

Adeoba: (with a searching eyes) Baba-aaa Agba, ti mo ba lo ye mi, aaa je pe mo paro, mo si tanra mi. Awon asiri yii ko ti ye mi, beeni nko ti mo itumo re. 

Baba Agba: (sighing) Looto nii. Bi ko sepe a baa fi oye awon asiri ijoba han fun omo eniyan, ko le ee mo, bee si ni, ko le ye eee. (Putting his hands on his shoulder, he then speaks.) N o fii ye oooo, amo ki n to fi oye yii han fun oooo, asiri ohun kan ku ti mo ni lo lati fihan ooo. Adeoba: (sighing) Ibukun ni fun oju mi nitori a fii asiri awon ohun kan wonyi han fun mi. Baba Agba: Looto looto ni mo wi fun ooo, oju ko tii ri, beeni eti ko tii gbo, bee si ni ko tii si imo re ninu okan eniyan, awon ohun ti Olorun ti pese sile fun awon ti o fe e.  

Adeoba: (with an inquisitive look) Baba-aaa Agba, amo ooo, ninu gbogbo awon asiri eyi ti e fihan fun mi yii, e wo ninu re lo je temi? Baba Agba: (sigh commendably) omo odo Agba. Mo ti n reti ibeere yii naa tele tele. Wa woo, nibi ni o gbe wa. Eya iru awon ti o wa leleyii.(Baba Agba draws him closer with his hand rested on his shoulder, held him and walks to the back stage door.) [Curtains draw in to light off the stage.]

Scene Fourteen [Curtains Off] 

[On the far end of the stage is seen two lampstand with fire burning heavily on each of them. At the right downstage was seen a chair. (Music plays in background).  Aderombi enters the stage clad with her Bible and praying in the Holy Ghost. On getting to the stage, she dropped her Bible and continues praying, moving from one end of the stage to the other. (Music also continues to play in background as she prays).] (This continues for a while and there she was till the curtains draw in to light off the stage.)  

Scene Fifteen [Curtains Off] 

[On the far end of the stage is seen two lampstand with fire burning heavily on each of them. This time, the density of the fire had increased than the first time. At the centre stage were seen two chairs, of which Aderombi sat on one of the chair studying the WORD. (Music plays in background).  After she got done with studying the WORD, she knelt down to pray. She was on the prayer, when her friend, Olujide came in. Olujide on walking to the stage, seeing his friend praying, also joined by praying in the Holy Ghost. The hearing of his voice made Aderombi realize she was not alone, however, this didn’t stop the flow of their prayer as Olujide beckons on her to continue praying and not stop the flow. (Music also continues to play in background as they pray).] (This continues for a while until Aderombi ended the prayer.) 

Aderombi: (rising up to her feet to sit down) For in Jesus' name we pray. 

Olujide: (responding joyfully) Amen!!

Aderombi: (with a surprising look) You know, I wasn’t expecting you’d come around again this evening oooo, after your hectic day works and meetings. 

Olujide: (smiling) what is too big to give unto God? If I can dedicate myself, time and resources to my work, how much more the Giver of Life and the Provider of that work? See, the biggest trade one can venture into in this realm is to do the God’s business, every other trade then come after it. 

Aderombi: (smiling) preach it sir!! Anyways, I’m glad you came around to check on me and for ensuring that I keep the fire aflame without going out. 

Olujide: (smiles) you are welcome. (Stutters) Ermm, actually, I didn’t plan to stay long, I just came by to see how you’re faring. So, I will have to go now; because, I need to see Koyejo before I head back home. (Stand up to take his leave.) 

Aderombi: (stands up also) Alright. Thank you Jide. (They both heads out of the stage and the curtains draw in to light off the stage.)  

Scene Sixteen [Curtains Off] 

[Baba Agba is seen seated with Adeoba beside him. Baba Agba display his feeling of joy, likewise Adeoba was so delighted about what he just saw.] 

Baba Agba: (with a broad smile) Omo, mo ni ayo ni igba ti mo baa rii awon omo mi ti won se inu didun ati ifokantan si ase ati ife mi. Adeoba: (beaming with smile) Baba-aaa Agba, looto nii, oro re so ooo, emi naa si rii be eeee. 

Baba Agba: (with a voice that calls for attention, he stood up and walks towards the front stage, Adeoba also followed suit) Je ki n fi ye o, itumo ati oye awon asiri ohun tii mo fi han o yii. Nitori, o ni lo lati jise naa fun awon eniyan mi, paapaa julo awon ti ife won fun mi ti tutu. Eyi ni itumo ifihan naa. (Baba Agba changed his position by walking to the right upstage with Adeoba following after) Awon iru omo mi to wa ninu ifihan akoko nii, irufe awon tii ko ni Pepe, yala ti Adura tabi ti Oro. Irufe won n lo ile ijosin, sugbon won ko nii ibasepo pelu emi Olorun ati Eleda won. Won a tun maa gboju agan si awon ti mo ran si won ni opo igba, esu si gba ibe wole lati je won ni iya, saa-woo bi a ti n fi iya je okunrin emi won. (Man of sin drags in Gbadegesin who was dressed haggardly and being tortured.) Se ikilo fun irufe awon bee, pe ki won o pada, ki won sii tun Pepe won gbe ro. (Gbadegesin was dragged back out of the stage, with Baba Agba and Adeoba shaking their heads in pity.) 

Baba Agba: (moves to the left upstage with Adeoba following, then speaks) The second revelation show the kind of my own who only seek me when they will and deem fit for themselves. They only seek me at their conveniences and when they need things from me. These acts deprive them of the numerous blessings I have for them and the man of sin also capitalizes on this nonchalance to get at them. Come, behold, how their Spirit man is being beaten down by the man of sin. (Oyenike was dragged in by one man of sin and was being tortured.) Tell my own living this kind of life to desist from it and seek me their God now that I can be found. Tell them, to set up their Altar anew and make the fire upon it burn. (Oyenike was dragged out of the stage. Adeoba couldn’t help but shook his head.) 

Baba Agba: (with bitterness) ahhhh, omije gbon mi fun irufe awon omo mi to wa nii ipo yii. Kede re kikan leti won pe o dara ki won maa bere ire –ije naa, ju ki won bere ki won pada seyin. Awon wonyi a maa wa mii nigba ti won ko nii ohun kankan, won a ke pe mi ni gbigba awe ati adura, ati ni sisun mo mi ninu oro mi. Nigba ti mo baa si da won lohun tan, won a tun maa dami lejo, won a maa wa awijare lati bo ese won mole, won a saa mi ti, won a gbagbe majemu ife ti won baa mi daa, won n fii ohun oro aye yii gba okan won. Eni ikose nii naa a si gba be wole lati je won ni iya. Saa-woo, iru ohun ti o sele si okunrin emi irufe awon bee. (Adejoke was dragged inside with chains in her hands and is being tortured severely.)  Se ikilo fun irufe awon wonyi pe, ki won jawo ninu nilo emi Olorun won, ki won pada si majemu ife ti won ba mi da, ki won si tun ina Pepe won da. (Adejoke was dragged out of the stage. As she was being dragged out, Adeoba was moved that he couldn’t help the tears dropping out of his eyes.) 

Baba Agba: (with smiles, he moves to the centre stage and Adeoba followed suit) Rejoice Adeoba, for your name is written in this book of life. These last kinds of my own are them who have sold themselves out to me and nail themselves totally to the cross. These ones have not wax cold nor worn out; they are keeping their Altar burning with the flame of Holy Ghost through the ministry of the Word and Prayer. They also employ the principle of Proverbs 27:17 for themselves. Come, behold, the joy that heavens has on these ones. (Aderombi walks in on stage with an angel guiding her and following her around. The angel kept ministering unto her.) This is the lot of them who would in this end time keep their Altar burning by seeking after Me. Say unto these ones never to relent, nor wax cold, but rather they should keep the fire upon their Altar burning with the flame of the Holy Ghost. (Aderombi walks out of the stage with the angel following her. Adeoba was so excited with the sight he saw. He then turns to the Father and spoke.) 

Adeoba: (joyfully) Baba Agba, this is a huge assignment that is beyond my age. Howbeit, I am nothing but an earthen vessel that has found grace to receive such revelation, and must deliver the message without compromise to your own. I pledge my allegiance again to the lamb that was slain. 

Baba Agba: (stretching his hand towards Adeoba) Be of good courage my son. I make my strength available for you and nothing would by any means harm you. Make men know and understand that which you have seen and make bold declarations of it everywhere. Go in this might and do valiantly. (Adeoba bows in reverence to Baba Agba. They both leave the stage and the curtains draw in to light off the stage.)  

Scene Seventeen [Curtains Off] 

[Adeoba was seen lying down at the altar side moving his lips inaudibly. (Music plays in background.) After a while, he jerked back to life and sat up resting his back on the altar base. He looked around him to be sure of where he was. He then finally speaks.] 

Adeoba: (trying to find his voice) Baba-aaa Agba!!! What is happening? I thought I was just speaking with an elderly now who was narrating some things to me. Wait, I was caught up in a revelation nii faa. How many hours have I gone now? (Rose up from the bed) Someone talk to me? Am I still in this realm of mortality? (He heard Baba Agba voice speaking.) 

Baba Agba: Yes. You are still in the realm of mortality and you only left the realm for few hours. You have to deliver all that I have shown you to men. They are coming to meet you soon; I’m bringing them myself so that I can through them spread the span of my word unto this generation. 

Adeoba: (acknowledging) Baba-aaa Agba, how sweet are you. Lovable, merciful, kind, loving and full of grace. I wait patiently for the men you are bringing to set your word in their hearts that they may spread it all around. (He has not finished speaking that men start gathering up to the stage. People start walking up to the stage, and he couldn’t but help the smiles on his face. He knew definitely that it’s the work of Baba Agba, just as he had promised.) 

Adeoba: (beckons on the people to gather at the front centre stage to sit down, and then he begins to talk) what I’m about to tell you is the revelation of what we must do in this end time and latter part of the age. (He paused and looks around to have everyone’s attention) This end time would witness many losing their communication ties with God because of negligence, nonchalance, lasciviousness, love for money, chasing after mundane things, love for earthly goals, and the rising of false teachings. But, in all of these things, anyone who gives himself/herself to the ministry of the Word and Prayer to build up their Altar would overcome and stay true to the end. This is the word of the Father unto us, we are in the last days and many false teachers, teachings and heresies are floating around, and the only way to evade such of these things is to have, maintain and sustain a balanced relationship with God in the place of Prayer and Study of the Word. Raise your Altar up in this last days and make it burn with the flame of the Holy Ghost. This is our reality and our everlasting heritage. We go in this might and remain valiant for God till the appearing of His Son.  

All: (chorused and responds) this is our reality and everlasting heritage. We go in this might and do valiantly for our God. We will spread the Word unto the uttermost part of the earth till all men are saved, we won’t stop nor relent. And our Altar will never go out of fire. (As music plays in background, they all rise to their feet, holding hands together; they began to pray in the Holy Ghost.)  [This continues till the curtains draw in to light off the stage.]    

THE END.        




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