My Altar His Fire by Ese Gift Orakpoghenor

My deepest yearnings have been
To touch the heart of God supreme
By doing His very will -Today
I please Him, tomorrow  
I do the same. That I find
delight seeking His face
 And calling on His name.
That the instructions of yesterday
Drives me to His very feet even today
And that I declare boldly His counsel
 _ all day long!

My earnest desires have been,
To love the Lord always_ In words and deeds, in secret
And before the entire creation,
 That the Father marks pass my
script even when me the world
condemns, that when I behold Him
face to face I won't be ashamed_
Or be consumed by guilt and blame.
But with joy receive my gain
And hear Him say, "Well Done!"

But here's my reality today ,
 Three hours a day,
 Said I that I will pray _
Five chapters of the Holy Book,
 Said I that I will read.
 It's been six months and not
 a murmur. Ten days and not a verse
 The fire I call before the saints
 Has no landing place, I have
 no altar _I just fake my claim!
 So don't bother talking about
The burning flames,
 Or the fire going out ,
There isn't even a fireplace! 


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