The Burning Altars by Samuel Olajide

The Burning Altars by Samuel Olajide
There is an Altar not made by hands
Founded before the world began
This is the Altar of altars
There is a Fire not kindled by lads
Lighted before the beginning began
This is the Fire of fires 

The Integrity of the Altar is Righteousness
From thence the Foundations were grounded
The Intensity of the Fire is Holiness
From whence the Fountains were founded 

All things sure and steadfast grow forth
For the Altar stands upright forever
All things bright and beautiful flow forth
For the Fire burns bright forever 

The Shepherd-Father is the surety of the Altar
This Father Loves the Son before time
The Lamb-Son is the safety of the Fire
This Son knows the Father Afore time  

The Father of Glory is the source of burning
He sealed the Son unto Glory
The Father of spirits is the source of shining
He summoned spirits unto Mercy
The Father of all flesh is the source of living
He quickened men unto Truth  

Whosoever receives the Source is reborn
Born to bear the Altar
Whosoever believes the Son will burn  
Burn to bear the Fire
That many Burning Altars may light the world 

But men so love the freedom of wildness
So they made many altars to repel his kingdom
But none had right to endure
And we kindled many fires to rebel his wisdom
But none was light and pure 

Yet the Eyes of the Lord runs to & fro
Quenching the wildfires and seeking whosoever yields
The Spirit of the Lord scans in & out
Querying the false altars and calling whosoever yearns
That many Burning Altars may rise & shine 

Moses saw the Burning Bush
And a Fiery Deliverer was forged
He approached the Burning Mountain
He was a Living Vessel of Fiery Mercies!
Then crafted the very Ark of God
Yet the Burning Altar was just whistling 

Elijah knew of the Fire for God's Prophets
Transacted in Fire without Frets
The Great Battle of Altars was a great set-up
The Altar of His life he set up
Fire fell and the Altar that burnt prevailed
Yet the Burning Altar was just whispering

The whistling and whispering is done
The express Light of shining has shone
For the Lamb has prevailed in the earth
That many Burning Altars come forth
So what is this Lamb’s fame or name?  

Eternal is the Lamb’s sacrifice
and so is his Fame.
Forever is the Lamb’s edifice
and so is his Name.
Jehoshua of Nazareth; Jesus the Christ!  

Whosoever is believing!
Of his Flesh and of his Bones you are!
Eating his flesh and drinking his blood
Whosoever is receiving!
Of his Word and of his Sprit we are!
Living by his Spirit and speaking his word  

Hail to the First Apostles
Salute to our early pioneers
Burning Altars like Ayo Babalola and Ikechukwu!
Many more of the cloud of witnesses still cheers
Men who wrought righteousness unto salvation! 

By the word of Truth, we build his Kingdom
Being built up as his Altar.
By his spirit of Burning, we light the world
Being transformed into his Fire.
That we be Burning Altars of his presence 

Healing the sick and lighting the blind
Lifting the Poor and strengthening the Lame
Hope to the widow and Justice for the Orphaned
Feeding the Hungry; Spreading the Gospel flame
This is the Heritage of the Righteousness! 

We will rise, displacing evil Altars
We will burn, displacing the darkness
We bring ceasefires to the wildfires
We’re portals for the Immortal
Being Living Sacrifices on Living Altars  

The ever-burning Fire is Righteousness!
Never burns out always burning
For the flame of the Sun of Righteousness rules
The ever shining Light is Salvation & Holiness!
Never lights out always shining  
For the name of the Throne of Holiness reigns 

We See the Lamb seating on the Throne
Crowned with all glory and Honor.
He has won our Hearts as his Throne
To reign through us with all glory and vigor.
To execute all righteousness and deliverance
That we live as the Burning Altars of His Forgiveness!  

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  1. Great Opportunity to explore Truth and express my mind . Thank you so much!

  2. Wow. This is really beautiful ✨

  3. This was beautifully written! Wow! Thanks for sharing this. It hit deep.

  4. We will rise, we will displace the evil altars, thank you for this sir, I was blessed

  5. I'm a portal to the immortal...Being living Sacrifices on living Altars..Halleluyah!...i'm so blessed by this.

  6. This is wonderful ��

  7. Wow. So inspiring!!!����❤️❤️


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