While Men Slept by Omole Glory

While Men Slept by Omole Glory

And on a night I laid my bed
On it was a pillow full of softness
I slept and I had a dream
I saw myself walking towards a mountain
I stood at its peak, and I saw a fire burning with a dying soul before me.

I dipped more sticks into the fire to keep it burning
I fueled it with more oil and sticks
I kept on sweating even on my knees
And the fire kept on burning,
No longer did it burn out, neither was I burned out .

At the sounding of my alarm, I woke up,
Drenched in my sweat and all I could utter ;
Was syllable of heavenly tongues not syllable of words
I prayed till a heavy burden was lifted off my heart
I peeped into my phone to check the time

"4a.m! "Who set this alarm?" I wondered
I just could not wrap my head around the alarm ringing,
The sweat and the dream,well, I slept off again
In another minute my phone rang
Yeah, I thought it was my alarm but no;

It was my mum calling, this time it was 7a.m.
"Gosh I'm late for work"
I grudgingly picked up the call as I rose to dress up
"I had an accident last night ,"mum said with the little strength in her
I was drenched under my night wear

I could not utter a word, in all she said all I could remember was
"Fire was rushing all over my car but it was not burnt neither was I hurt
I saw you on your knees sweating, I hope you are...?"
I could not allow her to finish the statement when I fell on my knee
And I heard a voice as solemn as a dove “KEEP THE ALTAR BURNING” 

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  1. This is awesome. What an spirit filled piece. Keep up the good work Miss. Glory

  2. Temitayo Afolayan15 March 2022 at 12:02

    Well done. What a Beautiful piece

  3. Temitope Abiola16 March 2022 at 16:32

    This is wonderful. Well done sis Glory. More grace.

  4. Nice writing. Always keep the alter burning. It was a strong massage. Keep it up


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