Biography of Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze

Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze was born on August 22nd, 1982, in Item, Bende Local Government of Abia State, Nigeria. Of a humble background, he grew up in the city of Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria with his poor single mother. He is a passionate preacher, Pastor, leadership coach and international conference speaker. 

Popularly known as PJ, Pastor Jerry Eze is the founder and president of the Streams of Joy International Ministries. He founded the Streams of Joy International Church in 2011 and currently leads over 5,000 worshipers in various branches, headquartered at Kilometre 4, Ikot Ekpene Road, Umuahia. In the same year 2011, Pastor Jerry was spiritually led to start the Streams of Joy Devotional, a bestseller which has spread across 5 continents of the world with testimonies of impact in many lives

Growing up, Pastor Jerry Eze attended the Ibeku High School in the city of Umuahia for his secondary education and later proceeded to the Abia State University (ABSU) where he obtained a degree in History and International Relations (HIR). While in Abia state university, Pastor Jerry  Eze became the pastor of the school Chapel, All Saints Chapel. Upon graduation, Pastor Jerry proceeded to bag a Masters Degree (M.Sc) in Human Resource Management.

After his graduation from ABSU, and in between his masters degree programme, Pastor Jerry briefly worked in broadcasting before his official call to ministry. He also engaged in community driven work through his role in the World Bank project on HIV/AIDS, and  the United Nations. In 2009, Pastor Jerry Eze officially resigned following God’s instruction, and went fully into the work of ministry.

Full Biography of Pastor Jerry Eze

Pastor Jerry is happily married to his heartthrob, Pastor Eno Jerry who has been very supportive of his ministry, they are blessed with a lovely daughter Samara and a son Jerry.

He founded Streams of Joy International in 2011 and is the leader of New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration (NSPPD).

With a deep passion to see people achieve their God-given mission on earth, Pastor Jerry Eze was aware of his calling into ministry at a tender age. He is the Lead Pastor of Streams of Joy International. He is also the convener of one of the largest online prayer meetings – NSPPD [New Season Prophetic Prayers & Declarations] which is watched by over 100,000 people daily. Streams of Joy International holds 6 services every Sunday at its headquarter church located at km 4 Ikot-Ekpene road Umuahia, Abia State, with branches in Nottingham, United Kingdom another in Houston Texas United States, another Calgary Canada, Abuja Nigeria and many other branches across Nigeria. Apply Now for Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant Application 2022 His teachings and messages offer hope to people and show them how they can become better. Pastor Jerry is a direful itinerant preacher with the gift of the supernatural. He is a highly sought after speaker and has spoken on major platforms around the world and has a passion for Church growth and Pastoral Effectiveness. PJ (Pastor Jerry) is also the author and publisher of the Streams of Joy Daily Devotional and A bestseller that has made its way into 5(five) continents on the globe. 

Pastor Jerry is married to Pastor Eno Jerry, who has been a tremendous supporter of his ministry, and they have a gorgeous daughter Samara and a son Jerry. Pastor Jerry Eze Wife The name of Pastor Jerry Eze‘s wife is Pastor Eno Jerry Pastor Jerry Eze Children Pastor Jerry Eze has two Children as of the time of this publication. daughter Samara and a son Jerry. Pastor Jerry Eze Family Pastor Jerry Eze Author PJ began the Streams of Joy Devotional in 2011, following the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is a devotional for glorious Christian living that has spread to over 5 continents around the world, with numerous testimonies of its impact on people’s lives that are too numerous to mention. Furthermore, he has written several additional publications.

Pastor Jerry Eze Church is located at km 4 Ikot-Ekpene road Umuahia, Abia State, with branches in Nottingham, United Kingdom another in Houston the Texas United States, another Calgary Canada, Abuja Nigeria.

Pastor Jerry is married to Pastor Eno Jerry, with whom they have a lovely daughter named Samara and a son named Jerry.  His wife, was born on 22nd February in Calabar, Cross Rivers State. Pastor Eno Jerry Eze is the Resident Pastor of the Refreshing Point, an expression (the Youth and Singles Church) of Streams of Joy International Church, the Convener, Pastors’ Wives and Women in Ministry Conference and the founder of Women on Fire Network, an organization dedicated to empowering and raising pastor’s wives, women in ministry and women on fire for God, with thousands of members from all parts of the world including the United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Canada.

According to his interview with PunchNG, Pastor Jerry was raised by a Christian mother who instilled godly virtues in him. His mother introduced him to God by saying that he would become a  voice in his generation and that he was going to serve God. That was how I grew up and continued in my journey with God. I grew up in a poor home; I must not forget to say that my mom was quite indigent. I already mentioned the fact that she is a single parent. That was how our journey started. Maybe, I would just say that poverty was one of the factors that made us seek the Lord because there was nothing else to hope on than to just cling to God. And the rest is history; that’s my journey to where I am right now.

My background actually brought me to a place of humility. So, till today, I don’t know any material acquisition or gift that could make me proud. My background also brought me to the place of prayers. People say, ‘Oh, he prays, he is known to be a man of prayers,’ it wasn’t accidental; it was something that started since I was young. God used my background, the issues, everything, to bring me to a place where I had an intimacy with Him. And also right now, it’s easy to be broken with God but it was situations that started breaking me down. It was the apparent (material) lack that we faced that broke me down.  Away from that, loving God and being into God come from my background when you know that nothing else mattered except God.

You are known to be aggressive during your prayer programmes as if fighting some elemental forces. What informed this violent method?

That comes primarily from the fact that I’m angry with the devil. Every day of my life, I open messages, emails and I’m seeing that someone is down with cancer, someone just died; there is so much pain in the world. Half of the time, people are masking their pain; people are hurt and going through very difficult issues. Sometimes, I tend to believe that 90 per cent of people in the world are hurting. People are hurting in different ways, regardless of the big mansions and other material acquisitions. Sometimes, I usually tell people who don’t have enough, ‘Be happy where you are o, because you don’t know the problems of the people you think are doing well.’ My aggression comes from the mere fact that I’m angry with the devil because God is not the doer of all these things. The Bible says God cannot be tempted with evil, so he is not the one causing the people this pain; He is not the one causing this level of shame. It, first of all, comes to me as pain that generally translates to anger. So, I wake up every morning and maybe when I’m done with the prayers, when I pray all through the night, I come out with a burden. I just feel like I’m a pregnant woman and that I just had to get this thing off. The pain I see people go through is a landmark of my passion. I’m not doing this for appearance, I love people, I want to see people set free. Every time I see God do all these miracles in the lives of the people, it just brings a new lease of life to my spirit.

Beyond prayers, what other help do you provide for people whose challenges may not be spiritual in nature?

We have what we call the Spring of Joy Foundation. But let me correct you, I am not one of those who believe that your problems are not spiritual because sometimes, people think that what they need is support and you give them support. If they are dealing with spiritual problems, the support you give them would go down the drain. First of all, we must find God – ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness.’ Anybody who says, ‘My problem is not spiritual,’ is misguided. Your problem basically is finding God and finding a rhythm with God. From there, any other thing can happen. As a ministry, we have built a house for a widow, we pay bills; we are constantly trying to do things to better the lives of people around us. It’s a part of our ministry and one project I’m going to be unveiling during my 39th birthday anniversary coming up on August 22, 2021, is a tuition-free primary school in a rural area. It would be manned by qualified teachers; we will feed the pupils. 

I am a man of prayer: I make bold to say this; over the past 13 years of my life, there is no night that I slept all through the night. I have midnight prayers all through the morning over the past 13 years of my life. So, nobody interfaces with God at such a depth and he would come out and heavens would not load you with revelations for people. For me, it is not a display of gift; it’s a pathway to solving someone’s problem. And I said to God, ‘If this is what you are going to do, you’re giving me this in order to touch lives; once it is people, I’m ready to do anything for God.’

You said you’ve prayed every night for the past 13 years; has this not affected your health?

It can never affect my health. The prayers were why NSPPD was birthed because for every move of God, He took his time to prepare the man behind it. So, I am a man who wasn’t prepared on the stage; I was prepared behind the scene. That’s why people are coming out to say, ‘Oh my goodness, where did this guy come from?’ and all that. All over Nigeria and all over the world, people are asking where he came from. I wasn’t made in a day; there were solid years when He was cooking me behind the scene; nobody knew about it.

You said God took time to ‘cook’ you; what has this cost you?

It took everything from me; it took my life. I don’t have a life anymore. I spend my days praying in seclusion. I don’t have friends anymore, just a few people around me. I am in that space where the Holy Spirit has interrupted my itinerary. I am in that space where I’m constantly mandated to do things of the spirit that are not normal. I am every day burdened with the burdens of people. I’m in that place where I have poured out my life like a libation, so it’s taken everything from me. It’s taken luxury, pleasure and I say to people. I’m not a normal human being. Some people are not created normal; some people are created to be there for others. So, I have chosen that path, to be that one that would be there so that my generation can fulfill their destiny.

What informed NSPPD’s live prayer programme on social media?

Well, to be very honest, NSPPD wasn’t intentional about putting the crusade on the social media. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I called a few of my church people and told them that there was a need to strategise on what we were going to do differently and they said they couldn’t come because of COVID-19. So, I said, ‘Oh my goodness, so this is really bad.’ At that point, I became angry and said, ‘How can the devil triumph over us?’ Then, I said to my wife, ‘Let us go online and be sharing the word of God and encouraging people.’  At the time, I just concluded the Psalm 91 series, so I told my wife we would go online with the Psalm 91 I just concluded and we could use it to encourage others. That was the beginning of NSPPD. It wasn’t like God told me to use the platform; it was all in the programme of God. I was sensitive to the season I was in; God didn’t give me the full picture but He told me, ‘A time is going to come when I would shift the trajectory of your ministry.’ By the time we started, we discovered that people who had COVID-19 were healed. So, we started taking time to pray for those who had COVID-19, then other miracles began to happen in quick successions.
Have you been tempted by a woman before?

Not now that I’m very visible; (it happened) many years ago. Who hasn’t been tempted before? A young lady stripped naked in front of me but I ran. I must admit it did my body somehow but I ran and that was what ended that episode but right now, I don’t think with the structures I have right now, that a young woman can have the opportunity of seeing me alone talk less of stripping herself.

He found love in the university. I had gone to a fellowship to preach and while I was about to preach, they were introducing the executive committee of the fellowship and they called my wife’s name and a voice just told me, ‘That’s your wife.’ So, I looked at where she was. I asked someone who is a member of my church about her and that was how I found love or love found me. I told her, ‘I want to marry you.’ I didn’t woo her or ask her out. That was how primitive I was in such things.

Books by Pastor Jerry Eze

Asides from authoring the Streams of Joy International Devotional for glorious Christian living since 2011, Pastor Jerry Eze is the author of several other books. They include:

Pastor Jerry Eze is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also follow the ministry's YouTube Channel here

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