Christian Poetry: It's Not About You

 Remember that song, "... you will never share your glory with any man"?

If you have ever thought that 'man' a stranger, you couldn't be more wrong.

If you have ever thought that 'man' figurative, I laff you still.

In the name of Jesus, please begin to understand that sometimes, that man is you.

More often than not, you are that man to be conquered.

In the body of your self, washed and bathed in strong wills and desires,

You will be the first on the receiving end of His choicest breaking,

Your pride will crumble in His strong hands.

When He begins to shine brightly,

you will wonder how such fierce dealings could come from such a Being,

Whose nature is loving and tender

And just when you rear your small self again,

Forgetting your last lessons,

A fresh dose of "Be Still" will wash over you,

Until you finally register that this Guy doesn't like sharing...

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