How to Leverage Your Relationship with God

I went to GIG Logistics sometime ago. My visit was brief as I was in a hurry. I needed to get some things done at home. While sitting and waiting for the time I would be attended to, I realized that the staff were attending to some people that came long after me.

How to Leverage on Your Relationship with God

I wondered what was going on. Deep down, I thought about how I'd been there for over 30 minutes and suddenly the staff were attending to people who arrived minutes after I did. I felt really bad and wanted to leave their office, going back home. At the same time, I reconsidered my options. I really didn't have any choice. If I wanted my goods to be posted to its destination that day, then I had to wait. The only alternative was to delay the posting of the goods till some other day. So, I went back to sit and after another 30 minutes, I was finally attended to.

While I was in the vehicle going back home the Holy Spirit told me how that "it takes a knowing" for certain things to happen. I wondered and asked what the Holy Spirit meant by that and He described in details. According to Him, the people who came later than I did were attended to because they simply knew someone important who handled transactions across the counter. It happens in many institutions and organizations around and  in that same way, every believer can leverage on their knowledge of God and His kingdom.

When you ask God for something as a believer, you should get it just in time because you are familiar with God. God would not turn you down because He knows you, you go to Him everyday in fellowship and seek Him always.  That knowledge of Him gives you a quicker access into the presence of God.

On the other hand, it is sad that many people only go to God when they are in need of something. For them, Christianity is a game in which they're only interested in winning. These individuals are literally lukewarm and once they get what they want from God, they usually leave till the next problem comes. One thing they fail to understand is that God cannot be mocked. You cannot come to God for wealth, riches, good health, peace of mind and every other good thing of life then turn your back on Him after you have gotten your pockets full. On a side note, this is one of many reasons why it is important to preach the gospel of Christ solely to people instead of preaching all the goodies that one can get in Christ.

When you are in Christ, it is a truth that you have access to every good thing of life. Once you are a believer, you must be conscious of the fact that God is your father and you're not a bastard. While you are free to leverage this relationship, it is not a good thing to take unnecessary advantage and be unserious with God. That said, how exactly can you leverage your knowledge and relationship with God?

Sometimes, challenges come our way so as to draw us closer to God. God hears you whenever you pray and the delay you may find in the place of prayer may be God's intention to make you linger on longer in His presence, seeking His face. When you become familiar with God by seeking His face and fellowshipping with him, you will enter into a realm of speedy answers to prayer.

God wants you to leverage your friendship and relationship with Him. He wants you to leverage your knowledge of Him. To do that, you simply need to dwell in the secret place because that's the greater path to intimacy. 

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