Biography of Evangelist Tope Alabi

Evangelist Patricia Temitope Alabi was born on 27th October 1970 to the family of Pa Joseph Akinleye Obayomi and Madam Agnes Kehinde Obayomi. The only daughter out of the three children in the family was born in Lagos state, but her state of origin is Yewa, Imeko, in Ogun state.

Full Biography of Evangelist Tope Alabi

A household name in the Nigerian Gospel music industry, she is a Nigerian gospel singer, film music composer, and actress.

She remembered her mother’s love for singing to herself always, even though she was not a professional singer or choir member. Tope said that her mother wanted her to become a reverend sister early because of a vision she had about her daughter being God’s. she later realized this is not what was meant by these words, and never tried to put her daughter in the assembly. 

Her passion and talent for singing were discovered through messages from God in her sleep. She was made to understand that this is what she has to do in life.

Tope was formerly a member of the Jester International comedy group. Later on, she worked with other popular traveling and stage theatre groups in both Ibadan and Lagos. She later moved into gospel music after she gave her life to Christ.

Evangelist Tope Alabi is happily married to Soji Alabi for many years counting. Their love story was a lovely one, as Soji was a studio engineer in Lagos in 1994 and got the chance to produce some movie soundtrack for Tope. The two couldn’t deny the love they have for each other and four years later in 1998, Soji asked Tope hand in marriage.

Soji and Tope have been involved in business together and according to them, they had never quarreled over business issues. We can say the two have a better understanding of business and family life. The union is blessed with two children – Minister Mary Ayomiku Alabi and Deborah Alabi.

She acquired her elementary and secondary education from Oba Akinyele Memorial High School, Ibadan in the year 1986 where she obtained her WAEC certificate. Thereafter, she went ahead in her study at the Polytechnic Ibadan where she obtained a degree in Mass Communication in 1990.

Tope’s passion for music and drama led her to join the group called “Jester International” in Ibadan between 982 and 1984. She got her initial training and experience in drama at the group. Between 1990 & 1991, she worked with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Ibadan as a correspondent under the tutelage of Mr. Yanju Adegbite.

She also worked with Center-Spread Advertising Limited, Ilupeju, Lagos. After her various work experiences, Tope Alabi returned to the theatre Art profession as she joined the prestigious “Alade  Aromire Theatre group” in 1994. There she was able to realize herself as a gifted and talented actress and singer. The group was really a training ground and an eye-opener for Tope Alabi as she was exposed to all the core areas of the drama and the acting profession. She got involved in the different movie productions along with the stage drama and the making soundtracks. She will be forever grateful for the experience.

She has been invited by various writers, producers, and directors in the Yoruba movie industry to write and perform soundtracks for their various movies.

It is worth noting that Patricia Tope Alabi is the pacesetter of the soundtrack in the Yoruba Home Video Industry.

Evangelist Tope Alabi's appealing gospel tunes first gained relevance more than a decennium ago and to this day. She is one of Nigerian’s gospel music geniuses. Her flexibility with her music requires worth noting as she can easily blend modern and traditional beats.

She has many albums to her name. Her first album came out in 2001 and was called “Ore ti O Common”. She released another one four years later titled “Agbara Re Ni”. She always moves around with a pen and jotter because God often sends her ideas for the new songs.


Songs and Musical Releases by Evangelist Tope Alabi

As a professional and inspiring Gospel music artiste, Evangelist Tope Alabi has recorded and produced over 70 musical pieces. They include:
  • Ore Ti O Common (2001)
  • Iwe Eri (2003)
  • Agbara Re Ni (2005)
  • Agbara Olorun (2006)
  • Angeli Mi (2007)
  • Kokoro Igbala (2008)
  • Kabiosi (2010)
  • Moriyanu
  • Agbelebu (2011)
  • Alagbara (2012)
  • Agbelebu (2013)
  • Oruko Tuntun (2015)
  • Omo Jesu (2017)
  • Yes & Amen (2018)
  • Spirit Of Light – TY Bello (2019)

Evangelist Tope Alabi is active on social media. You can connect with her via her official handles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and X.

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