Leadership like Jesus: The Perfect Example of True Leadership

Jesus is our perfect example of a leader. A leader is a builder who is in the service of building followers. Sometimes from the scratch and sometimes, the structure upon which is to be built is already erected.

Jesus knew His purpose on earth and that is one reason why the temptations had to come his way. 

In Luke 2:46-47, we read about how Jesus learnt at the feet of the elders (they who knew the Law). Thesewere the same elders whom He tackled as to their doctrines later on.

Jesus Christ also obeyed rules and regulations. He paid taxes.

Jesus prayed always (Mark 1:35, Luke 6:12). The manifestation and fulfilment of dreams and purpose comes through prayer. Jesus prayed before he chose his disciples.

Jesus had a mentor - God (What I see Him do, I do", As my father is, so am I)

Jesus knew the word. He was the word. He studied and "did" the word.

Jesus had a lot of followers but He had an inner circle (Luke 6:12-16). Do not be particular about number, build substance in the few (a fisherman, a tax collector were all in His cabinet/team)

Here are a few qualities that absolutely presents Jesus as the perfect example of leadership.

  • A leader sees the best in his followers (1st Corinthians 13:7)
  • A leader sees the future ahead. Jesus already saw the future and told us that we would do greater works than He did
  • A leader prays for his disciples
  • A leader is accountable (John 17:6-14)
  • Jesus was compassionate (Matthew 9:36), Loving (1st COrinthians 13)
  • Jesus gave all to fukfil His mandate . He gave up his trone, family, shelter etc. This involves sacrifice.
  • Jesus led by example (Luke 11:1)
  • Jesus was led by the spirit of God.

You cannot be the best leader possible if you are trying to be like someone else. Be a leader from within.

Don't ever lead without a life purpose. The purpose keeps the focus and sanity in good and odd times.

Write down your valies. They are guides.

Leadership without results is nothing. There should be continuity.

Leadership requires a life of discipline and hardwork.

Help others to rise to leadership. Leadership means service.

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