Is Sexual Purity Truly Attainable?

To directly answer this question as a believer, I will say that sexual purity is attainable and maintainable. You may think it’s a matter of perspectives - or religion, but honestly, sexual purity is attainable. It is just you that will determine if you want to attain and maintain it. Your decision to stay pure does not only include your abstinence from sex; you must also be pure at heart.

Is Sexual Purity Truly Attainable? - by Damilola Jacobs

I believe that what you think of is what you will act on - whether consciously or unconsciously. Also, the unclean thoughts in your heart and head are are resultant effect of what you see, hear and read. This is why we need to be careful of what we watch, listen to and read. It is also important that we mind the kind of friends we keep.

Sexual immortality has become a norm in our generation and thing we brag about with friends. This makes it very difficult for people who are not strong minded to stand their ground. But in the race of being sexually pure you have to give it your all with the help of the Holy Spirit.

If you are struggling to stay sexually pure, don't be hard on yourself. Tell yourself that " I can do it". Now beyond saying this confession, how can you truly attain sexual purity? How can you stay pure as an individual?

1. Accept your Weakness

The first thing you have to do is to stay true to thyself and accept your weakness. Don't shift blames. Table it before the maker the manufacturer himself (GOD) because he is the only one that knows where the control button is.  Admit that you can't help yourself and you will not go until he helps you.

2. Surrender to God 

Now surrender to him and be determine to make him proud, do away with friends that make you fall, the bible say "EVIL COMMUNICATION CORRUPT GOOD MANNER , Do away with books, films and content that can make you fall. This might be difficult in this generation because almost every thing around you have things that are corruptible but you can decide to stay away from it .

 3. Understand that Sexual Sins have a deep root      

Sexual sins are stubborn-like in nature and really, they are deeply rooted to deal with. You might not recognize it but it will still grow little by little if it is not uproot on time .

4. Don't visit any opposite sex alone 

" I can control myself , he is like a boy to me , nothing can happen to me , we've discuss it, sorry ooo The devil is a roaring lion looking for whom to devour. He knows how to do packaging very well, infact he have a doctorate In that so you should be the one to wise up. Avoid staying with opposite sex alone especially the one you have feelings for it's dangerous. Your emotions can play you about so do not risk it in the first place.

5. Don't Trust Yourself

You are flesh. Your body is flesh. If you trust yourself not to engage in sexual sins, you might end up disappointed    

6. Flee from all appearances of Evil

Avoid romance - kissing, touching sensitive body parts, tight hugs with the opposite sex. These things are fuel and doing that is like playing with fire , have you ever see someones play with fire and didn't get burnt? of course not so kissing , tight hug etc . Can lure you into sexual immortality , some might not even have sex but do something else to release this hormones they've awaken because they don't want to lose their Virginity , scared of pregnancy or because sex is a sin. 

If you think you are still a virgin but you engage in sex-related sins, you are also sexually impure. In this case, your virginity is quite but technical because it only means you have not experienced the actual penetration process and as such, you are not sexually pure. Don't try to play smart by thinking that you are not having sex, or thinking bible didn't say romance is not a sin. Be truthful to yourself and stand , there's no short cut to success in life than right way.

What you can't say with confidence in front of people is generally not right and of course you can possibly tell your parent or someone you really take with high esteem that romancing or doing something like that without fear , so stop it.

Don't be scared of losing that relationship if you have to be romantic or be sexually active dearie focus on pleasing GOD and never look back . And if you have make a mistake sweetie don't be hard on yourself just go to GOD with a repentful heart and ask for forgiveness and be determine not to fall again . Don't allow anyone to lie to you that you are too dirty to be forgiven, he can forgive . Remember the woman by the well he forgive her , and tell her to go and sin no more.



Don't forget your body is the temple of the LORD ( HOLY SPIRIT) so don't do it as you like because it doesn't belong to you. Make a decision to be sexually pure and ask the holy spirit to help you maintain and remain pure .

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