Christian Poetry: I Think You Should Pray

Sometimes, you start praying with pieces of yourself scattered all over the place

But as you begin to pray, 

parts of you start to come together, 

slowly and quietly

As you continue to pray, 

your tongues gather momentum

And this time, not just your scattered parts but your mumbled thoughts begin to organize too

Broken parts of you that fell apart 

during the past week begin to long 

for each other

Suddenly, with a strength not of yourself, 

you finally let go

You let go and let yourself finally feel your emotions

You expect yourself to come apart as you give in to your feelings

But something else happens

As you continue to pray,

A gathering starts to happen,

As in the valley of dry bones

Only that the noise you hear is not of mismatched bones rubbing against each other

But of a coming together

reunion, even

The all-over-the-place weight you carried 

these past few days rush to gather together 

and quickly, they become a heaviness in your heart,

A heaviness that causes you 

to bend over and pray harder,

Releasing pent up emotions you didn’t realize was welled up inside you

Little wonder you find yourself crying… 


When you finish praying,

A cleansing washes over you

When you stand up,

A peace settles around you

You look around and feel different

You check yourself and feel sutured up

You don’t know how it happened 

but now that you think of it,

You feel whole again…


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