Understanding Before, The Fall and After the Fall of Man

When you study through the first four chapters of Genesis you can perfectly describe the initial state of man and his fall.

The Bible in Genesis 1 explained the entirety of creation and every factor involved. It emphasizes the perfection of every thing God created including man. The initial state of man as posed by Genesis 1 is that of perfection.
Genesis chapter 2 further explains the sytate of perfection of man, God having corrected the lonely state  man was by providing a help mate for him and formalizing the perfect institution (marriage) for man.
We are introduced to the serpent in chapter three who upon possession be the devil comes to tempt man through the woman, Eve. The woman fell through and as an aftermath, her husband also did. The understanding of their sonship and their being gods (Psalm 82:6, Genesis 3:5) was minute as therewas no need to become like God since they were alsready in His image.
The Most High God was angry at their fall and apportioned punishments to the parties includiong the serpent for the breach of His commandment which was to stay away from the fruit and not eat of it.
Genesis 4 concludes Adam’s episode with the manifestation of the punishment and itsflow to all of mankind through Adam’s seed
Like Adam and Eve in the beginning, one prayer for believers today is to receive help from the Holy Spirit. We must be discerning so that we would not be uprooted from the presence of God.

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