Be Specific: Gospel Today Devotional - 11th August, 2023

In this gospel according to St. Mark, it was recorded that the disciples of Jesus, two in particular, with the names; James, and John requested something from the Lord Jesus. When Jesus had talked about the fact that he would be taken, mocked, and eventually crucified, they saw it as an opportunity to quickly do that. 


Be Specific: Gospel Today Devotional - 11th August, 2023

Imagine a child who needs something from his father, and decides to wait for the right time before he requests the father. This may be because as a child, he understands that the father may not have the money it takes at the moment to get him the thing he needs. This story is however different when he hears that the father has been paid his salary because at that moment, he sees it as an opportunity to make his request and to possibly get the needed answer. I would say this was the case with James and John. They seized the opportunity in making their requests.

When Jesus told them what was going to befall him, they took that chance of making their requests to him, saying that they desired that he did something for them. And Jesus in his response to them asked this question in the verse of scripture below,

"And he said unto them, What would ye that I should do for you?" (Mark 10:36).

Although they said they desired something from him, he still asked them, and if I were to say this was the reason the Lord Jesus asked the question, I'd say that he wanted them to be specific. He wanted them to tell him what exactly they wanted him to do for them.

We are not so much concerned with the request they made, but rather with the question of our Lord Jesus to them, and the lessons that we are to learn from the verse of scripture as believers. While as believers we may say we desire that the Lord help helps us, provides for us, leads us, etc, it is very much important from the verse of scripture above that we are to be specific with our requests.

You need help but with what exactly? You want him to lead you but in what area exactly? What provision do you need from him? He wants you to be specific. Jesus asked a blind man what the blind man wanted him to do, the blind man didn't say healing, and you know why? Because healing is still broad, he had to be specific and said he wanted to receive his sight. That's it, being specific with your request. James and John were, the blind man was, Jabez was( O that you would bless me and enlarge my coast).

There are several scriptural examples to learn from that as believers we are to be specific with what we want. Don't just say you need healing, where? Don't just say you need provisions, what exactly? Let him know for he can give to you that which you ask of him. Remember, you have to be specific with your request. The Lord helps us all in Jesus' name.

Daily Nugget: The Lord requires that you be specific with your request. Don't generalize things, tell him specifically what you need, and he is faithful to make it available to you.

Prayer: Lord, I know you are faithful. You answer those who call on you. Help me to be specific in my request to you.

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