Wake up call

 The current situation of things in the world is enough to give you panic as a Christian. From one weird thing to the other. It's so serious,  if you think about it too much you might lose your mind. I know that because I almost did, I almost couldn't contain all of these mentally.

 Since the inception of the Christian faith, there has never been a time when you have to be intentional about the content you feed on. 

 As a believer, you must embrace godly content if not, you will have no choice but to watch ungodly content forced down your throat. 

Pornography is open to you by just a tweet on Twitter and a pop-up on Google, but we are here with our hands folded.

While we are still arguing whether there should be Christian movies or not. The devil is moving. Many believers are lonely and losing their souls. Sometimes, these things happen severally until we wonder how we got here. You are no longer who you are meant to be.

If God gave you something to do, don't you see that is time? I'm not even shouting at you because I can be You. I can be that person that wants to analyze everything first, give it time, and all good things that come with excuses.

This is a call and I'm doing it from the bottom of my heart. When will we do what God sent us to do and if we are doing it? Are we doing it well?

Who are those to take up the media? When did we stop evangelism or is it old school? When do you want to support godly content?

Darkness is moving and shoving it down our throat but when we move it's an abuse of their privacy. Can we be discerning? Can we stop the unnecessary comparison of Churches? The same thing happened in the corinthians church and Paul rebuked them.

It's okay to respect your local assembly but we can always carry a believer consciousness. We are one, we are all believers. A believer can't be preaching on the bus and you will be blocking your ear. How? Why? 

Whenever you see a believer, your heart must be filled with joy. You know that feeling of meeting someone from your tribe in another man's land that is the same we should have. The Bible says we are not of the world, we are of God yet in the world.

Whatever, God has called you to don't sabotage yourself. David was your junior when he was king.

God has deposited creative abilities in all of his creations. How much more are his children? All of God's children have been gifted with the ability to create as God can.

These creative abilities are not only to help us reign in our different spheres of influence but also our walk with God. 

So whatever your skills are whether you feel they are inherent or not doesn't matter.  Whether it's writing, graphic design, singing, speaking, social media management, or website design it is important that you take up your creative design for the sake of the gospel. 

Do everything to make sure the gospel is preached in the community.

See, it's okay to do it afraid but there is assurance that God is always there for us.

Go do it. 

I'm rooting for you.

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