5 Lessons from the Life of Bath-sheba

Call her what you want to but Bathsheba was a woman who had much more to her life than every average woman. She was not just a random woman with whom David had sex. Bathsheba was actually a woman who knew the Lord and trusted God whole-heartedly.

The fact that she was Solomon's mother is enough prove of the kind of woman she is

Every individual has a lesson their story past across and mother Bath Sheba is inclu

Let's look at 5 lessons we can learn from the life of Bath-sheb

1. She was a very Humble Woman

I was wondering why Bathsheba still honor David despite the fact that his way before her must have been tinted, why didn't she became rebellious to David. She was humble to the very cor

2. Fear God even when things are Difficult

Bathsheba was a woman that fear God even when things doesn't seem to be going her 

3. Even after forgiveness, sin has its Consequences

Bathsheba's story reveals that it is possible for people to suffer and get punish with a sinner, even when it was David that committed adultery and murder, it was both David and Bathsheba that went through the pain of that action

4. Always Draw Strength from God

Bathsheba had virtue and she drew her strength from God. Despite the loss of her husband, and the death of her child she still maintain being virtuous. This show that no matter what comes our way we should never compromise our stand

5. Be Obedient to Authority

Although David's call for Bathsheba was for an immoral act, Bathsheba duly obeyed. She was wrong in her actions because it was numbered as a sin. Today, we learn that we must be obedient to authority as long as the instruction is a pleasant thing before the Lord.

5. Good Parenting is never Overrated

Bathsheba was a great mother. God's word instructs us to train up a child in the way that he should grow so when he grow up he won't depart from it.  Bathsheba is a great woman in the sense that he teaches Solomon the way of God that even the Bible point it out that he was indeed a great m

In conclusion I will leave us to learn more about Bathsheba and the kind of woman she is by reading the book of proverbs 31 from the beginning to the end.ttan d.n.waye.a.ded .od.th.d.tan d.n.waye.a.ded .od.th.the beginning to the end.

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