Christian Poetry: Escape the Temptation of Influence

Speak thus to the Forgetful Shepherds
Give ear so that you might remember
Make way for hearing 
So that you might not be forgotten!

When you were weak and small in your own eyes, 
I knelt by your side and carried you up, 
I embraced you with many gifts and kisses
I washed and cleansed you from the filth of the dunghill! 
You started wearing my own clothes, even the royal robes!

I took your shame and gave you Glory 
Even the fame of my Name
I gave you the Influence of my Word 
And you became influential! 
Many Sheep and Flocks were gathered to you
I delighted in your shining and rising!

But you must go through the trials and temptations
To manifest the victory of True Sonship! 
I have been by your side, helping you win and rise from the falls.

And now you are in the Trial of Affluence and Influence, what lot have you chosen? What is your Portion? Where is your desire?

Do not be fooled! Do not trust in Influence!

Your Influence is Turbulence and Emptiness!

Your Boom and Bloom is a Doom!

Your Barns, Affluence or Influence will not save you! By your Influence, you will only lead people to the ditch. I am clearing the Tables!

You ought to teach the Way of Truth then the Truth will Influence People.

Speak the Truth and let the Truth speak in People! Is there not Power and Sound Counsel in my abiding Word?

Perhaps, you doubt my Word or you have been unfaithful in the service of my Word and Vision!

Amend your Ways! 
Commit to the Word of My Grace in Truth so that you can commit my  Flock (People) into the same that they may be built up, doing the good works that I have ordained for them before the Beginning of the World!

Do not be content with the influence of men for it is a snare! Seek for people to be so immersed in the Truth that they are being influenced by the Truth!

The Influence of Truth is True and will pull you through unto Full Victory!

Samuel Laolu-Kolawole 

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