Christian Poetry: The God In The Prayer Place


You have to know the God in the prayer place
He listens
He responds
He reminds
He prunes
He strengthens
He approves
But He shakes His Head a bit too
The God is alive, breathing and present

Listen, so this prayer-place God,
He pouts a little when you complain of the wrong doings of one of his newly-saved ones
He reminds you to love the one who's going astray
He puts his hands on your shoulders and steadies your feet
He grabs your arm and prays you through
He puts utterance in your mouth as He begins to tell you his plans
He puts weight in your middle so that you are rooted in your prayer

There's a God you met in the prayer place
He's a bit different from the congregational God
He's personal
He possesses
He doesn't get shy, He reveals completely

He's Fatherly, He teaches
He's friendly, He doesn't condemn
He's not quiet for long, He stirs you on the inside
He's patient, He waits to take you over completely

This God in the prayer place consumes you finally

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