My blogging story: How it all started.

 I’ve been getting these questions a lot nowadays.

Why did you start blogging? What inspired you?

I remember being asked "what is your motive behind blogging"? and I replied “fun” at another instance I said “boredom. Honestly, I was just catching  cruise. I really couldn’t pinpoint why.

For some reason I don’t understand i felt I could write. Before now I didn’t sign up for any writing class, I never really wrote anything significant. I loved poems but I couldn’t write them.

Well, as per the ministry of reconciliation I started writing some articles, let’s call them articles😂( to post).

And here is Somidinla giving me the “super go, girl, you can write vibe”.
Dupe you can write. I love your articles.

I mean, those stuffs were just meant to be normal writeups nothing special.

Well, Covid – 19 gave me the luxury of time. If I say I knew what compelled me to write a blog post I’m not telling you the truth.

I was awake almost all night trying to navigate the blog stuff. My mum was thrilled she never saw me this seriously.
And yes I’m unlikely to tell anyone before venturing into something I’ve decided to do.
Most times, I don’t like to be told otherwise. I don’t do that for critical decisions though.

I was also surprised. I did not know prior about how to set up a blog before.
Well, thanks to Google, a help in times of need.
I wrote the blog post and sent it out.
I was kind of shy and agitated. I would go check the statistics every two minutes. Well, the first post did well.

Towards the night one guy from Facebook entered my dm saying he was a writer. I was happy, not considering his constant errors throughout the chat.
Well, autocorrect I thought.
What marveled me was he was the first to give a” not so good “comment on the blog post.

I was bitter. I was pained. So I said “send your own. He sent it and I’m like dude you are not even anywhere close to me. I wasn’t trying to brag. At that time it was a coping mechanism.
Despite that, I was still hurt. 

This inspired my blog post on validations.
You might have received a lot of appraisals yet still be disturbed by just one that you didn’t get.
Well, I had many fears. I should write soon about how I settled my fears. I’ve grown. I have learned more and I am getting better.
I’m finding purpose in what I am doing.

It’s okay not to get everything figured out yet, keep at it. You will soon see the bigger picture.
For anyone going through pain, rejection, and all out of the broken pieces of our past the lord shall build an edifice of hope
Thank you for reading.

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