Why we Publish Christian Biographies

As I sit to write this article, I'm struggling with titles in my head. Before settling for this, I wanted to write on, "Why Should Christians Read Biographies of Pastors and Kingdom Vessels?", but again, I remind myself of many other things 

1. Biographies Inspire the reader

If God can do this in the life of this person, then it's not impossible in my life.

2. Biographies are sometimes Spiritual

There's an extra, supernatural influence that comes when you read the biographies of

3. Biographies help you understand Timing

For many people who want to go into ministry or are called by God for a specific assignment, reading these biographies help you to understand that the fulfillment you see in the lives of others will come for you in due time.

4. Biographies can be Instructional

We started publishing biographies following God's instruction and in the same way, there's so much instruction and leading waiting for you when you read the biography of a Kingdom vessel. Sometimes, you may be led to listen to their messages and songs, read their books, or even sow a seed into their ministries. You never can tell - your obedience to these instructions may be the only thing you need to change your life.

5. Biographies save you from Fraud

In the words of Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak, the proof that something is original is the existence of a fake. If you take a look around today, you'll find duplicate accounts of ministers of the gospel which fraudulent individuals take advantage of in scamming unsuspecting believers. In our biographies, we include the official social media handles of the Pastors, Ministers and Gospel/Kingdom vessels to curb this criminal activity in our day.

By the special grace of God, we are a fast growing gospel media platform hosting the biographies of Pastors and Gospel Ministers alike. This is a position we do not take for granted and we are glad that we can use our influence in this positive light. That said, let me treat a few frequently asked questions as regards publishing biographies on The New Man.

Do you Charge for Publishing Biographies?

The simple answer to this is NO. However, we duly appreciate a kind donation (in cash or kind) to our media ministry. To make a donation, kindly check our gift page here.

How long does it take to publish a biography?

We publish every biography within 48 hours. We receive a handful of biographies so After supplying all details to our team, we appreciate that you exercise patience. During this time, we make our findings to ascertain your personality before publishing your biography.

To publish your biography on our website, kindly send a message here


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