The Price You Have To Pay: Gospel Today Devotional - 17th November, 2022

There is a price to pay so as to consistently, and daily live for Christ. There's that which is needed from those who genuinely love the Lord, and would want to serve him with all that they've got. There's a requirement that must be met if that must happen; the fact that one needs to give everything for him. It calls for total surrender, and consecration. It calls for self denial to the very things that look appealing to you.

The Price You Have To Pay: Gospel Today Devotional - 17th November, 2022

Can I quickly give an illustration? If the mother of a child is to go somewhere, and the child insists on following her, the mother of that child may either decide to go with the child or not, right? For some reasons, she may decide that the child does certain things before he can actually follow her. At least, she cannot take a child who is dirty out. She can ask the child to take a shower, wear some good clothes, with a promise to be well behaved, don't you agree? Yes, of course. What is the point of this illustration? The point is that in order to follow the mother, the child had to pay the price of taking a shower, wearing good clothes, and promising to be well behaved.

So also it is with our Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ. Of course, many desire to follow him, but will they be willing to pay the price? And for many who are already with him, are they actually paying the price? Today, by the grace of God, we shall be considering that which it takes to follow after Christ. The price one has to pay, and the commitment that is required. The passage of scripture under consideration is seen below:

"And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me".(Luke 9:23).

These are the very words of our Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ. Here, the Lord gives to us the things that are needed in following after him. Just like the mother who gave her child certain conditions in order to follow her, the Lord Jesus as well is stating to us today through the passage of scripture above that if anyone must come after him, there are certain things such a person must do. What are those things?

Jesus said that if any would come after him according to the passage of scripture above, such a person has to first of all deny himself. He has to come to the point where he knows he no longer lives for himself, but for Christ for those who are in him already. He also has to come to a point where he knows he will no longer live for himself but for Christ for those yet to come to him. He has to deny himself of everything that brings about pleasure to the flesh, of a life contrary to that of Christ.

Second of all, to take up his cross daily, and follow me. Can you see that? After you must have denied yourself, you also need to take up your cross, not just once, not just twice but daily. This means that one needs to daily live for Christ, doing that which is pleasing to him alone, and that living for him becomes a lifestyle to any who follows after him or who would want to follow after him. You cannot follow after him as he desires of you except you deny yourself, and take up your cross daily. A life of self denial and daily commitment, and consecration to him is that which he wants from us. I pray the Lord grants us the grace to live for him indeed. Amen.

Daily Nugget: If you must follow after Christ, you must be ready to live a a life of self denial.

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