5 Types Of Christians You Will Meet Every January

The soothing hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays is undeniably always unforgettable. However, beyond the lingering nostalgia of the merriment associated with Jesus' birthday are the hurdles and drama that escort the  New Year. As people of different pedigrees who have all been carried away by the end of the year fanfare struggle with the reality of resuming their respective activities, January plots its grand entry, bringing with it an avalanche of both new and carry over issues: bills, work stress and burn out, career targets and a truck load of other challenges - all in their pro form. 

Unsurprisingly, the January frenzy affects everything including people and their personality traits. It is almost as though the old set of humans are swapped for new ones. Little wonder people simply want the month to come to an end almost immediately it begins.

Like every other aspect of the human society, the Church is not left out of this drama. If you are a Christian that makes it to fellowships at least twice every January, you will definitely agree the air is always entirely different. For you who has failed countlessly to find a cogent answer to why the Women's Leader, Sister Nkechi  acts rather differently every January, you are in luck as that highly desired answer is on our Christian metro series for today," Five types of Christians you will meet every January."

1. The Merry Gang

How else can one define tranquility without referencing this set of Christians? This set of Christians understand the financial whip and unprecedented downturns that come with the least favourite month of the year and plan towards it. Although they squander and participate in all the activities at Jesus' party, their heads are always above the financial waters every January. Scientists and renowned scholars are yet to decipher how they do it. 

These poster children for happiness never run out of offerings, broad smiles and infectious laughter.

2. The Ideologists

No January can be considered whole without Aristotle's first born children. While others simply try to get through the month, the ideologists become deeply invested in churning out quotes, theories and rhemas. Ever wondered where the " New year, new me" quote creeps out from. The "new year resolutionists" chair this humble committee. 

By the way, they also walk around with books: lots of them. 

3. The August Visitors

The August visitors only grace us with their presence every January. Although no mortal can distinctively tell why they choose that strategic time of the year to fellowship at the church, we are fully content with the fact that waiting for them to just stroll in any other month of the 365 days long year is nearly synonymous to waiting for the highly prized rapture of the saints.

4. The Prayer Warriors

We need fire to kick start the year, don't we? The prayer warriors understand this and get right on to business. They consider it an aberration to navigate through the first month of a new year without vigorously saying aloud the fire brand words from the simple twenty- paged new year declarations. Fire must come down from heaven!

5. The Business Tycoons

"If you cannot come to Onitsha main market, Onitsha main market will come to you." On this binding principle do the business tycoons work. Every January, the business tycoons  create storms after every service and meeting. Both new and existing ones. They are either selling, buying, registering or recommending. Remember that time they told you to bring one person that can bring four persons to enable you earn N1k? 

Have you met any of these Christians this January?

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