Living in Joy - A Doorway to Divine Health

Two days ago, while doing my quiet time, I came across this topic. That was the topic for that day's devotion and got inspired to share this piece with you.

The ability to be healthy is one of a person's greatest strength and God's intention for His children is for them to have eternal health. There are some things we must do as God's children in order to get Divine health from God. Joy is home to one of them.

Firstly what is Joy?

Joy means a feeling of great happiness, success or satisfaction.

Key facts about Joy as a doorway to divine health.

1. Medical researches has shown that certain hormones know as "happy hormones" are created as happiness increases in the body, and these hormones enhance the body's health.

2. Joy has healing or therapeutic properties, living in joy or mirth is liken to taking spiritual medication(Proverbs 17:22)

3. Living in happiness gives you strength, whilst living in sadness invites oppression and affliction (Psalm 42:11)

4. The Bible admonishes us to always be glad and joyful - Philippians 4:4

Decide to keep your joy alive at all costs. Be the one to celebrate oneself instead of waiting for others to do it. 

Always be happy and joyful no matter the situation.



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