Christian Poetry: My Bold Testimony by Samuel Olajide Laolu-kolawole


Christian Poetry: My Bold Testimony by Samuel Olajide Laolu-kolawole

Have you seen bold criminals in a chain?
Whose eyes are as fiery like a tiger's
Bring them before a Court and hear them again
They are shameless in their shamefulness.

Have you heard of guilty prisoners in pain?
Whose cries are sobering like a toddler's
Bring them before a Judge and probe them again
They are helpless in their Pleas

For long, I was a bold criminal in chains
In chains by my Wildness and shamelessness.
For once, I was a guilty prisoner in pains
In Pains by my guilt and shamefulness.
Addicted to the pleasure of sin and sinners!
Convicted by my love of lies and liars!

Then Once again, I was summoned to an Hearing
"Why?" I protested with fiery eyes!
Because you are so loved by the Great King!
This King has Good news for you!

Yet again, I was invited by the Great Advocate
"How?" I probed in my helpless cry...
Because of the redemption plan of this unstoppable Advocate
His Plea is more precious than the greatest gold

It was the Hearing of a New thing
The Hearing of the Gospel of a Merciful King!
It was an invitation I could never merit
Sponsored by the very "blood and sweat" of a Perfect Advocate!

I am loved by the King that justifies the ungodly.
In his Love, he sent his only son
I am redeemed by the Advocate that obliterates ungodliness
In the redemption, he gave me his Life!
So, the records of shame and guilt are boldly destroyed!
And the rewards of chain and pain are justly dissolved!

The King says "I am forgiven and redeemed!"
His Gospel is the sweetest Hearing forevermore!
For I am to believe and receive Jesus!
Then Old things are passed away, All things are become New!

The Gospel has removed my Shame!
I am not afraid to speak to the shameful and guilty!
I am very bold to speak of the God who saved me from sin!
I am not ashamed to speak of the God who justifies the ungodly!
For this is the Power of God to end ungodliness!
This is the Way of God to establish Righteousness!
I am not ashamed of the Gospel!

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