The Gospel to the Naked by Marvellous Adesupo

We are all so familiar with the prophecy of Isaiah in Isaiah 61 that says "the spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach the gospel to the poor…"

The Gospel to the Naked by Marvellous Adesupo

With much confidence, I can say the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach the gospel to the naked.

Well, this is not some sort of contradiction but the truth that there is a gospel to the naked.
Scattered around the Scriptures, in fact starting from the book of Genesis are verses that show God's interest in clothing man, spiritually and physically, not just with any clothing as Adam tried to make, but with the God's Kind Of Cloth. Genesis 3:7 & 21.

Before diving deeper, let's have this basic understanding.
First, the ‘gospel’ means good news.
Secondly, ‘naked' means not covered.
In a layman's sense, the gospel to the naked simply means good news to the uncovered.
What would definitely be the good news, if not that there is a provision to be covered?
What's the significance of being covered?
Anything that is covered is protected from whatever will contaminate, attack, and cause serious damage to it.

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For something to be covered, it also shows that IT IS PRECIOUS, but how did the naked find themselves in that uncovered state?
Let me take you back to the book of Genesis, after the fall of man as a result of disobedience, the first thing that they realized after their eyes were opened was that they were Naked. What does that mean? First, it carries the spiritual meaning that they were out of God's covering. And because they were out, they were naked both spiritually and physically. They are now susceptible to the devil's attack, adverse weather conditions, and insect attacks.
You must understand that the covering of God that was upon them before the fall not only affected their spiritual being but also affected their physical body. Little wonder why Apostle Paul told the women in the book of Timothy that their dressing shouldn't be merely external but of the hidden person of the heart because what happens on the inside affects the outside.
Back to Man's fall, after they realized they were naked, and because man wasn't designed to be without covering, they made a covering for themselves, but unfortunately, it only did a bit of justice to the physical body, not their spiritual being. The clothes they made for themselves are what is known as 'Filthy Garment' in other words, 'Rag'. But the funny thing about this is that it was so cool and nice to them, like first, greatest man-made achievement, but by God's standard, it's a filthy, substandard garment that was not even befitting for the least-ranked angel. This was the height of man's degradation.

Along the line, God came to the rescue. He created a temporary covering that could keep their spirit for a short period, and also their physical body. The covering was made of animal skin, and you know it's not possible to get animal skin without first killing the animal.
So, God sacrificed an animal's life for their sake. The animal blood temporarily handled the spiritual aspect (the Levitical Order), covering their skin and the sin. Handling the physical aspect is covering their body.
Under the Old Testament, anyone who followed the ritual laws given by Moses were temporally spiritually covered, and remember, they also had laws on what to wear (physical aspects sorted).
As I said earlier, the covering made by God for them was a temporary one, and that's because the everlasting covering was to be revealed at the perfect time.
The everlasting cloth wasn't made of animal skin but was made of God.  The everlasting cloth is a Person, God in flesh, Christ Jesus.
Following the same procedure that happened in the Garden of Eden or the Levitical rituals, He was slain and His blood was used to wash away our sins (that settled the spiritual aspect), and for the physical aspect of man, He gave us the Holy Spirit, He became to us a guide and instructor on how and what we should wear physically that would be pleasing to the King.

God has taken away the filthy garment of sin, heaviness, sorrow, shame, and immorality from those that believe in Christ and has replaced it with the garment of righteousness, joy, gladness, and praise, as seen in Isaiah 61:3& 10.
Since God has taken away those filthy garments from us spiritually, then why should we, as one who believes, clothe yourself with a garment that physically represents the ones Christ removed from us spiritually? Is it the Holy Spirit that instructs us to wear that?
God has played His part in clothing you with new, adorable spiritual garments and has given us His Spirit to help make the right choice in choosing your body garment; we have the role of adhering to His Spirit. God will not do that for we!
Lest we don't know, if we constantly disobey the Holy Spirit on what we should wear, we have worn the garment of disobedience spiritually, and in no time our spiritual wardrobe will be filled with other filthy garments.
Jesus gave His word in Rev.16.15

"Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame."

We should never be ashamed to dress modestly, the Jesus Kind of dressing, nor be ashamed to share the gospel that, through Christ's sacrifice, we that were naked are now covered, protected from the torment and attack of the enemy.

I say to thee, O naked at heart that you come into the clothing of Christ. I, a bond-servant of this eternal greatness is one who says that I truly am an ambassador of modest clothing, apparels and fine linen, carefully designed to convey the heart of the One whom the gospel represents thereby bringing warmth, beauty and covering to the soul of its wearer.

I am not ashamed of exquisite dresses that convey the depth of  creativity that exists in man, immediately the Almighty breathe came in, making the heads of humans turn in awe of true beauty.

I am not ashamed of clothing humanity with Divinity.

This is the good news tailored to my portion in the Kingdom and as such, I am not ashamed of this Gospel for it is to the naked.

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  1. Thank you Jesus.I am clothed!

  2. This piece is amazing. The spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach the gospel to the naked and I do so with boldness

  3. This is an Amazing piece, I am clothed!


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