Trials and Victory by Lois Ayomide Olusegun

Trials and Victory by Lois Ayomide Olusegun


(A group of elders and pastors are seated round a table for a meeting. The office conference room was big and well arranged painted with cream colour, seated is the general overseer of the church the assistant Pastor and the elders of the church).

G.O: I appreciate you for sparing your time to attend this meeting as you all know we are here to discuss about pastor Steven. (Others murmured on their seat) I was told that he has formed the habit of doing house-to-house evangelism after church service how true is that?
Elder Odeyemi: very true sir in fact you are about to come and visit you before you called this meeting.
Elder Eyindero: Daddy most of the church members have stopped coming to church and we no longer have new ones as we used to.
G.O: But why is all this happening?
Elder Samson: Pastor Steven's messages is too rigid for us to bear, he is always talking about sin and eternity. He has never preached about prosperity or wealth, everything is about holy living and holy spirit. The church are  complaining we have to do something very fast.
G. O: Have you made this known to him?
Asst. Pastor: We've done that countless times sir, but he always say those were the messages he received from God.
G.O:  If that is the case then I'm going to transfer him to another branch a smaller one at that because I can't afford to lose all the members of this church this is where I get most of my money from.
Asst. Pastor: That is a very good idea Sir, so who will be replacing him?
G.O:  You of course, I trust you to bring the church back to shape thank you so much sir I promise not to disappoint you.


(Pastor Stephen's wife is seated in their sitting room when the assistant Pastor and elder Samson comes in)

Wife: Good morning Pastor, elder Moses you are welcome you can have your seat.

Elder Samson: We are not here to sit down we are here to talk about something important, is your husband around?
Wife: Yes I will go get him from the room. (She entered the room and came out shortly with her husband)
Steven: Good morning Pastor, elder Moses hope everything is fine this one that I saw you in my house this early morning.
Asst. Pastor: Pastor Steven we are here for an official assignment the G.O was here and he left this for you. (he brings out the letter from his pocket and gave it to the Steven)
Elder Samson: You have just one week to hand over all church properties and resume in your new sation.
(The elder and the asst. pastor walk out of the house)
Wife: Darling what is happening, why will they transfer us all of a sudden and expect us to move within one week?
Steven: God will help us and teach us what to do, lets Start packing our things.

(Few years later, Pastor Steven is standing before the congregation preaching to them about the lust of the flesh)

Steven: Today we are going to be talking about the Lust of the flesh. Let us open our Bible to the book of 1st Corinthians 6:19 anyone who is there should please read for us.
Young lady:1 Corinthians 6:19  What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
Steven: Continue to the next chapter.
Young lady:  For you are bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God's.
Steven: Thank you, God bless you.  I have noticed since I came to this town that young people including Christians and involving them in immoralities and this is against the will of God. You and I have been bought with the blood of Jesus and He expect us to glorify Him through our bodies. Presenting ourselves to Him as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable, it is only when we do these that our services to Him can be reasonable and acceptable by Him. Let us do away with every form of ungodliness and filthiness and it shall be well with us. Let's us bow down our head for prayer.

(Pastor Steven and his wife are walking in the Market sharing the gospel with everyone that are ready to listen. They move from there to the street preaching to the prostitutes and drunkards. One of their Elders in church sight them and decided to call another elder to confirm)

Elder Fijabi: Is this not my Pastor and his wife? I can't believe this. (He picks up his phone and dials a number)
Elder Fijabi: Hello Gbemi,  you won't believe what I saw in the market today.
 Ogungbemi: What did you see or should I ask what are you doing in the market in the first place?
 Fijabi: My wife had to travel to the village yesterday so I decided to come to the Market in order to get food stuff only to meet our Pastor and his wife.
Ogungbemi: What is strange about your Pastor and his wife going to the market?
Fijabi: Better let me die before you bury me.  I saw them preaching to market women smokers and prostitutes.
Ogungbemi: Like seriously? I've been hearing similar rumours for a while now but I didn't believe. But now that this report is coming from you we need to do something. Our Pastor cannot keep acting like a beggar on the street, I suggest we bring the matter to the elders meeting in order to know what to do.
Fijabi: I was so embarrassed at the sight of them sharing tracts around.
Ogungbemi: It is well, I will add the topic to our list of discussion for tomorrow's meeting.
Fijabi: Alright take care of yourself.
Ogungbemi: Bye thanks.

(A group of elders are seated in the church discussing about pastor Steven)

Anjorin:  You mean you saw them distributing tracts to street people?
Fijabi:  I can swear on my last breath I saw them with my two eyes yesterday.
Ogungbemi:  That was how surprised I was when he called me yesterday, moreover I have been hearing rumours that pastor Steven and his wife usually do early morning evangelism cry.
Anjorin:  That's one is even still manageable at least, people will only hear their voices and not see their faces since it is something around 5: 00am but that of the market and Street does not befit their status.
 Fijabi: And our own status too,  a friend of mine called me yesterday asking why we  allowed our pastor to be involved in street and market evangelism, it got to the extent of asking if we are not paying him enough.
Ogungbemi: That is so ridiculous we must do something about it before it goes out of hand, we are people of high popularity in town our pastor must not make us less of our identity.
Anjorin: Oluwayomi, You have been silent since the beginning of this meeting, what could be the problem?
Oluwayomi: Nothing it's just that I was waiting to see if any of you will talk about the burdens  in my heart but unfortunately none of you have mentioned anything concerning that.
Fijabi: What kind of burden is that? share with us now.
Oluwayomi:  It is surprising that no one is talking about the rigidity of pastor Steven's messages. He does not know how to package his messages, everything he preaches about is from the Bible and about holiness. No business talk, no talk about prosperity and the most annoying part of all is that he stopped us from sitting on the reserved chair made for only influential people, and gave everyone access to the chairs, he did not even give us special treatment as the wealthy people in the church.
Ogungbemi: Don't mind him, he preferred to relate with the people that are saved and are living a holy life than we that are Wealthy.
Anjorin: We are all aware of all these happenings, the issue on ground now is what can we do to stop all these. According to the information I received,  this is the same reason why he was transferred to this place and in less than two years we have started complaining also.

Oluwayomi: I think I have an idea everybody come closer. (He whispered few words to their ears and they scream)
Fijabi: I beg, please I will not be part of this plan ontop wetin now.
Ogungbemi: Please the plan is too dangerous, let's look for a better option.
 Anjorin: Don't mind them oh, I agree with your plans but I would like us to talk to the pastor first and if he refuses to listen, we will now know what to do.
Oluwayomi: I think that's a great idea, We will pay him a visit and complain about his actions and let's see what happens after that.
Anjorin:  I hope that everything works out well and please don't let this discussion go out of here for now you know that the remaining elders are taking side with the pastor, let's be very careful.

(Elder Fijabi and elder and Anjorin are seated in the office of pastor Steven waiting for him)
Steven: I am so sorry for keeping you waiting, I had to quickly finish my Bible study.
Fijabi: No problem sir. We are here on behalf of the church committee and the council of elders.
Steven: Okay, hope all is well?
Fijabi: All is well sir. We just want to bring to your notice our observation about you and things which mwe would like you to work on.
Steven: Okay I'm listening you can go on.
Anjorin: Thank you sir. It has been brought to our notice that you are into Street evangelism and this does not really go well with most of us because it makes us feel small and irresponsible.
Steven:  But why will that make you feel irresponsible, witnessing is something all believers should be proud of.
Anjorin: What we are trying to say is that your act of going for Street evangelism is not speaking well of you and the church at large especially we the public figures.  It's make it seems as if we are not taking good care of our Pastor.
Steven: But did their reports say that I was seen begging on the street or asking people for money?
Fijabi: Not at all sir.
Steven: Okay, is that all you wanted to say or there is still more?
Anjorin: That's not all sir. We also want to talk about your messages, it is usually too straight forward and harsh. We will appreciate if you can reduce your preaching about holiness and talk more about that people love to hear.
Steven: Hmm... I have little or no power over the message I preach, because they all come through the inspiration of the holy spirit I am called to do the will of my father in heaven alone and not to please men.
Fijabi: Okay Sir, we have yet one more thing to say.
Steven: I'm listening.
Fijabi: We used to have a special seat for influential people that come to church but since your arrival  you have given everybody the freedom to sit there.

Steven: Elder Fijabi, Elder Anjorin, I really appreciate your time and effort that you put in order to bring this up to my hearing but once again I would like to tell you that everything that I'm doing is according to the will of my father which is in heaven.
Anjorin: Regardless of the consequences?
Steven: Regardless of the consequences, I'm unashamed of the gospel of Christ, no matter what happened I choose to proclaim his word to the end of the world. Thanks for your time, God bless you.
Fijabi: We will like to take our leave now.
Steven: My regards to your family.

(Elder Oluwayomi, Anjorin and a girl who is dressed half naked are having a conversation in a sitting room)

Oluwayomi: Babe what is your name?
Natasha: I am Natasha, but my friend call  me Nat.
Oluwayomi: Okay I believe Anjorin has given you the full explanation and details of the operation.
Anjorin: 100% you should trust me now.
Oluwayomi: And do you think you are capable for the job.
Natasha: I am more than capable, you don't know who you are sending on an errand I will go there and I will surprise you.
Anjorini: Why are you stressing yourself over a concluded deal?  This babe is tested and trusted.
Oluwayomi: Okay o, I just wanted to be sure about her ability but since you said she's capable I agree with you.

(Pastor Steven in his office with Natasha who disguised herself to be a married woman who was beaten by her husband she's putting on a singlet and tied wrapper on her chest)

Natasha: Pastor I have suffered, my husband has almost killed me, Pastor please help me.
Steven: Madam you need to calm down, who are you and what happened to you?
Natasha: I am a new member of your church I just I joined last week.
Steven: What is the matter with your husband, why did he beat you so bad.
Natasha: Pastor that's how he has been treating me right from the first year of our marriage because I have not been able to conceive.

(She started crying uncontrollably and pastor Steven had to go sit beside her in order to comfort her. She suddenly begin to caress the pastor's body and trying to kiss him, the door open and the General Overseer enters with three Elders)
 General Overseer: What's going on here?
Steven: Nothing  sir, I was just trying to...erm... this woman came to report her husband...
 G.O: Will you shut up  your mouth, so this is what you usually do to the Church Ladies and women right?
Steven: No sir, you can ask her she's here to complain about how her husband is treating her.
Natasha: Ah! Pastor Steven, why are you telling lie why are you denying me in the presence of your elders and boss.
 Anjorin: What are you trying to say?
Natasha: I am trying to say that Pastor Steven and I was about to have fun when you came in.
Steven: Ah! Jesus, this woman better fear God, Daddy please believe me.
 Fijabi: Wow!  this is unbelievable, (To Natasha) what are you still waiting for, get out of here.
Anjorin: Not so soon, we would need her as a witness against Pastor before the disciplinary committee.

G.O: The session will come up tomorrow by 10:00a.m. Please don't come late I will take my leave now.
 (Pastor Steven's wife met the General Overseer, the elders and Natasha on their way out. She greets them all but received Little response)
Wife: Daddy good evening sir. You didn't inform us that you will be visiting I will have prepared something before your arrival.
G.O: And I will have missed the truth.
Wife: Pardon?
G.O: Save your stress or invest it on things that matter.
Wife: What do you mean sir?
G.O: Ask your filthy husband.
(She enters the house and met her husband crying on his knees)
Wife: Honey, what happened? I met the G.O and the elders on their way out and they all have me a foul attitude and here you are crying. What is it this time?
(Steven explain everything that happened to her and she joined him in tears and prayer)
Wife: I am sure that the god who has called you will vindicate you by His might.
Steven: Amen.

(The church disciplinary committee which consist of the General Overseer, the Elders, and Deaconess are all sitting in the conference room. Natasha: the witness, the pastor's wife and Pastor Steven himself are also present in the room but they are standing)

General Overseer: As we all are aware we are here for the prosecution of pastor Steven who was caught in a compromising position with a lady and is also suspected to be involved in an ongoing relationship with ladies in the church and even married women.
 Elders and Deaconess: Hmm...
G.O: What do you plead to these allegations?
Steven:  Not guilty.
G.O: Can we have the witness to give us her testimony.
Natasha: Thank you sir for the opportunity. I have been in a relationship with pastor Steven for over 3 months but we usually meet at the hotel.
Wife: You this woman, fear God now.
Deaconess Victoria: Please ma, to we will appreciate if you don't interrupt her until she is done talking.
Natasha: Thank you ma, when he told me to come to his house yesterday, I asked him what he's going to tell his wife and he told me not to worry cuz she is not around.
Elder Anjorin: So what happened when you get there?
Natasha: He took me to his office and as we were about to start intercourse, you people came in and caught us in the act.
G.O: Thank you. (To Steven) Do you have any evidence to prove your innocence.
Steven: I have decided to follow Jesus
 I have decided to follow Jesus
 I have decided to follow Jesus
 no turning back,
 no looking back.

G.O: Is that your evidence or do you think we are here to play?
Wife: Daddy, Elders and Deaconess please believe me, my husband is innocent. Someone must be trying to frame us.
 Deaconess Elizabeth: With due respect ma, no one is trying to frame you or anybody it is your hand work that has caught up with you.
G.O: Enough of the talk, I am ready to make the final decision. We have listened to the  witness testimony against pastor Steven and other allegations and evidence of disobedience to the laid-down doctrines and guidelines of the church. I hereby declare that pastor Steven is no longer a pastor in this church and other branches of the ministry. This is my verdict and so be it, you have till tomorrow to vacate the church premises and to hand over all the church properties. Have I made myself clear or do you have something to say?
Steven: But I'm not afraid of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believe it to the Jew first and also to the Greek for there in it the  righteousness of God is renewed from Faith to Faith as it is written the just shall live by Faith.
Elder Oluwayomi: Hypocrites, God hates hypocrisy, repent before it's too late.


(Pastor Steven and his wife are seated in their sitting room having a serious conversation)

Wife: Honey what are we going to do now?  This is worse than the first one, we did not even have any savings because we've used everything to sponsor a mission work just last week.
Steven: My dear let's just calm down and trust God to lead us, the contract we signed with God is for better for worse so we can't back off now. Remember the Bible says we should count it all joy when we are persecuted for the sake of the Gospel of Christ.
 (A knock on the door interrupts their discussion and Steven's wife goes out to open the door. She came back shortly with some people)
Steven: My dear, who are this people?
Wife: I don't know them but they asked to see you.
Steven: Good evening sir and ma'am. Please who are you and how may we help you.
Reverend: Good evening pastor Steven I am Reverend Jerome.
Steven: oh! Pleased to met you sir. I guess you are the new Pastor that has been sent to replace me here.

Wife: Kindly have your seat sir.
Reverend: Will you believe me if I say I don't understand what you are saying but I would go straight to why I am here. When I was praying concerning the need for a pastor in a new church branch that I started the Lord laid it in my heart that he will soon connect me to the person. He dropped the name Steven Owolabi in my mind and since then I have been seeking his face for direction.
Steven: That's my name sir.
Reverend: Yes and that's why I'm here. Early this morning as I was preparing to go for a meeting the Lord told me that the time to meet with the pastor is now and he gave me a direction to your house.

(Steven fell on his knees and started singing his wife also joined him crying and singing)

You are who you are yesterday today and forever more
What you say is what you'll do
you never fail, you never change
you are Faithful till the end
Faithful God I worship you, I worship you
You are too Faithful to fail us
you are to Faithful to leave us halfway whatever you start you always finish
we've come to realise you are to faithful to fail us.

Reverend: It seems as if there's a story behind all of this.
Steven: A long and pathetic one sir. (He explained their predicament to them)
Reverend: God has come to wipe away your tears. He has come to reward your labour for His kingdom. I have booked your flight for next Saturday. I hope you will be ready by then?
Steven and Wife: Flight? What flight sir?
Reverend: The new branch I was talking about is located at London and we will love you to resume work on Monday.
Steven: Thank you so much sir, we really appreciate.
Wife: It pays to serve Jesus I speak from my heart,
He'll always be with us if we do our Path
There's nought in this wide world can pleasure afford
We'll be a good soldier,

We'll die at our post.


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