Christian Drama: Unashamed by Ogar Victor

Scene One

Light Falls.

[Adebayo a young man in his early twenties is seen on stage dressed in a matching native material shirt and trouser, flanked on all sides by commuters of various age grades and genders battling to get to their destinations on time. His faded attire coupled with the bible held beneath his shoulder attracting stares from passer-bys who mumble incoherent greetings as they stare at him in disgust.]

Unashamed by Ogar Victor

Adebayo: [He clears his throat loudly and soon afterwards raises a song, his voice amplified by the megaphone in his hand]
You came from heaven to earth
To show the way
From the earth to the cross
My debt to pay
From the cross to the grave
From the grave to the sky
Lord I lift your name on high
Lord I lift your name on high
Lord I love to sing your praises
I'm so glad you're in my life
I'm so glad you came to save us.
Almighty Father, I appreciate you for my life and for the lives of your children all present within this proximity and I say be thou magnified in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord as I bring them your word this morning, prepare their hearts and cause them to yield to your word and let their lives bear fruits, and  I decree that no enemy shall snatch these words from their hearts in Jesus Name we have prayed Amen.
I greet everyone hearing the sound of my voice whether you are a male or a female, young or old, child or adult. This message is for everyone of you. I bring to you all goodnews from our Lord Jesus Christ, the creator of the heavens and the earth.
Passerby 1: You lie infidel. Ifa is both God and creator of everything both living and non-living.
Passerby 2: You blasphemous idiot, Ifa is the only god and there is no other god apart from him.
Passerby 1: You should be killed for degrading the name of the great Ifa.
Trader 1: [ An elderly man who happens to sits in front of his stall observing everything silently speaks up shunning the young men] Why don't you all shut up your mouth and let the young man speak. If I'm not wrong, this young man has shown signs of honour and dignity in his speech. He speaks respectfully to everyone irrespective of the fact that most people here aren't even up to his age. [Referring to Adebayo] My son, I sincerely apologise for their bad behavior,  continue with your message.
Adebayo: [Appreciates the elderly man effort by bowing down] Thank you baba.
Trader1: [Acknowledges Adebayo's show of appreciation by waving his hand ]
Adebayo: As I was saying earlier, I bring you all good news and a very pleasant message from my Lord jesus Christ.
I bring you the message of peace, the message of hope, the message of joy and above all the message of God's love shown to mankind in the form of his son Jesus Christ. My first scripture reference will be taken from the book of John chapter three from verse sixteen and it says `For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. Also my bible says in the book of Romans chapter five verse ten and eleven says For it, when we were enemies of God, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more been reconciled, we shall be saved by his life, And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we have now recieved the atonement.
Trader 1: Excuse me preacher, but why do you say we were enemies of God and why did you also say that those who don't believe in him should perish?, does he want us to perish?.

Adebayo: God just like any other father wouldn't want his son to perish or come to harm. He loves us and it hurts him when we in our stubborness move towards harms way. About us being enemies of God, God didn't create enmity between us mankind and himself but we did by ourselves. Let me use you and your son for instance, assume you have a son and no doubt you love the son very much but then that son of yours begin to go against the rules you have put in place to protect your son and when you try to correct him, he distances himself from you and creates enmity between you and him. Now would you say it's your fault or his? 

Trader 1: It's his fault definitely.
Adebayo: And would you say because it's his fault, you wouldn't do anything to remedy his situation?
Trader 1: Absolutely not, irrespective of the fact that it's his fault, I'll find every means possible to draw back my son from getting harmed. 

Adebayo: Exactly my point baba, you would do anything to bring your son back to yourself and save him from danger, then how much more God.
In the beginning God created man like himself but the enemy of man decieved man and man disobeyed God severelly damaging the link between man and God. The enemy began to oppress man in every way possible and this made God intensify his efforts in trying to bring man back to himself and that was when Christ came in, Christ died paying the sins for man's rebellion and also providing a way for man to be reconnected back to God. 

Trader 2: If what you said is true, then why do we still fall sick, why do accidents and evil misfortune still befall mankind? Could they be as a result of God trying to punish man? 

Adebayo: Absolutely not, no matter how much you love your child, if he indulges in any bad activity he would have to bear the consequences of his actions. Some of these misfortunes that befall us are as a result of our seperation from God who is the only person that can protect us and the enemy seeing this, makes good use of this oppurtunity and strikes us.  

Trader 3: If all of these things you say is true, then why is your physical and possibly financial condition looking like a complete contrast to your so called love of God?
Adebayo: [Smiles although slighty hurt by her words, proceeds to enlighten her] I have a question for you ma, If you supposedly find a young child looking malnourished and out of pity decide to take care of the child, will the child physical condition change just after a day or you will contiue taking care of the child and wait for the desired change to come?
Let's use a more realistic example using the corn you plant on the farm, is it after only a week of planting and watering, weeding and applying fertilizer to the crops that it begins to flourish, definitely not because change takes time. 

Trader 4: Young man, I have seen some people who call themselves Christians but when adverse conditions hit them, they forsake your God but what makes your case different?   I've been observing your life for quite a while now, even when it's not convenient for you, you keep proclaiming the name of your God. Why is that so? What is that thing that makes your conviction very strong? 

Adebayo: To answer your question, I'll read a bible passage and it's taken from the book of Romans chapter 1 verses 15 and 16. And it says 'That is why I am so eager to preach the gospel to you who are in Rome, For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it's the power of God unto salvation; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.' I shall stand and boldly declare this message because in this gospel is the power to save a man. In case you are here and you desire to make this message a visible reality, all you need to do is to recieve this free gift of salvation and accept Jesus into your life as your Lord and Personal Saviour and if you have decided to do that, please place your hand on your chest and say this prayer with me.
Lord Jesus, I thank you for my life, I thank you for dying for me and bringing this goodnews of salvation to me today. Father anywhere I might have gone against you, please forgive me and come into my life as my Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord for accepting me In Jesus Name, Amen. 

Passerby 3: So after this, what comes next?
Adebayo: You forsake Ifa and serve Jesus alone. 

Passerby 4: Haa!!!! (He screamed louldly placing his hand on his head) Me that has been brought up in the way of Ifa right from my birth and you just expect me to forsake Ifa like that? It will not work oh.[Picks up his bag and grumbles as he walks out of the scene and soon some people began to follow suit leaving behind only those who were willing to accept Jesus into their lives]
Passerby 2: I just hope that following your Jesus will turn out well for my good.
Adebayo: [He smiles as he quietly gives thanks to God for the souls that were newly admitted into the Kingdom of righteousness] I congratulate you all for accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and I want to let you know that this decision is the best decision you have ever made in your lifetime. I will pray for you all and you will be baptized in the Holy Spirit. 

Passerby 1: Who is the Holy Spirit and what does it mean to be baptized in him?

Adebayo: The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God and he will help you live the life that pleases God and not only that, he will help you with anything that troubles you.

Trader 2: You mean like a helper.

Adebayo: Absolutely, and he will not only help you for he is the embodiment of everything you will ever want or need. So are you all ready to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
All: [They all replied in Unison] We are ready.
Adebayo: I would like you all to close your eyes and raise your hands up[He had barely finished speaking when they began raising their hands and closing their eyes, some of them going on their knees, seeing this Adebayo proceeded to close his eyes and pray for them] Dear Lord, your children have accepted you as their Saviour and are ready to receive the baptism of your spirit. Lord rain your spirit on them from on high, let your spirit come Lord like a rushing mighty wind and invade their lives in Jesus Name [Before Adebayo could complete the prayer, the recipients of the baptism were all rolling on the floor blasting in tongues, some of them groaning while the rest of them prayed with tears dripping down their face all of them oblivious of their surrounding as they were enveloped in the glory of God. Suddenly from the dazed onlookers who were rendered mystified by this strange act, someone screamed out loud]
Onlooker: Someone hold that young man and don't let him get away, he has placed those people he misled under a strange evil spell.[Before Adebayo could realize what was happening, someone punched him and before he could react, various objects began hitting Adebayo from different corners and angry voice yelling threats of death and the sound of a metallic object descending heavily on him and he lost consciousness, his once well built body now a huge lump of battered flesh slumped to the ground like a bag of flour as light slowly fades.]       

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Scene 2

(Light falls on scene which happens to be an exquisitely and beautifully decorated sitting room containing expensive furniture and home appliances. A very pretty lady within her early thirties and is seductively dressed paces around the sitting room, a worried look on her face. She pauses occasionally and looks out of the window and constantly checks her phone screen. Clearly overwhelmed by frustration, she begins to mummur and grumble audibly)

Esther: Oooh! Where's this boy that for goodness sake. Senator Jide will definitely be on his way to pick me and Adebayo is not back from his evangelism. If I should go out leaving the door locked, neighbors will start complaining that I locked my brother outside yet they won't wake up on time to keep the key on his behalf. [She is deeply engrossed in her thoughts to hear the consistent knocking on her door and after a while, the door opens and another lady walks in and seeing her friend lost in thoughts clears her throat to call her friend's attention]
Bisola: [Clears her throat startling Esther and bringing her back to her senses] Hello babe, I can see you are lost in thoughts on what to do to your new catch, abeg small small with him so you don't kill him with enjoyment and then get into trouble.
Esther: Even if I get into trouble, I can find my way out.

Bisola: Lest I forget, what about that annoying brother of yours, I didn't hear him praying today, Is he sick?
Esther: If he were to be sick, it would have even been much better but he went out since around six o'clock this morning and he isn't back and it's already past noon.
Bisola: It's like you detest this brother of yours and still care for him at the same time.
Esther: I really care for him as that was my parents last instruction they gave to me before their death. I have been trying my possible best to obey that instruction because if he dies, I'll have no family left and besides that, his prayers shelters me .
Bisola: Oh now I understand your point.
Esther: [Checks her wristwatch impatiently] Oh God, I need to be on my way soon.
Bisola: As you are going out with your new catch, no forget to link me up with some of his rich friends too
Esther: I definitely won't forget you.
Bisola:So shouldn't we wait for your brother a little longer?
Esther: He left the house at about six o'clock this morning and till now he isn't back. I can't wait for him any longer, let's go [She picks up her bag and was heading towards the door when they heard a knock on the door and Esther approached the door preparing to vent her anger on her younger brother for keeping her waiting when she opened the door and came face to face with a stranger]. Who are you and how may I help you?
Daniel: Good afternoon Miss, my name is Daniel and I'm.........
Esther: [Interrupting him rudely, her impatience visibly expressed on her face]. Please be quick with what you have to say, I'm in a hurry.
Daniel: I'm sorry for taking your time, my name is Daniel and I'm Bayo's friend and also his prayer and evangelism partner. I came to check if Bayo is at home.
Esther: Bayo is not at home right now he left the house at about six o'clock this morning for his usual morning cry and since then he hasn't returned home, I suggest you call him and find out where he is.
Daniel: Someone called me with his phone number this morning at about ten o'clock this morning and told me that Bayo was in a comatose state with injuries all over his body in addition to saying something like he was beaten and after that the line went off and it has been switched off since then.
Esther: [Her heart began to palpitate as her face twitched with worry] Haaaaa!!!!, what do I do now?
Daniel: I'll be on my way now, I want to go and make more enquires about what happened to him.
Esther: Please find out and get back to me.
Daniel: I'll definitely do that ma'am. [Turns and exits the doorway while Esther shuts the door behind him and dejectedly walks back into the room]
Bisola: Aren't you going out again?
Esther: Going out to where?, I don't just like this kind of nonsense that will come and spoil my good mood today.
Bisola: What happened that changed your mood like this?
Esther: That guy who just left told me that he is Bayo's friend and that someone called him to tell him that Bayo is in a comatose state with injuries all over his body.
Bisola: This is a serious issue oh, but come to think of it, what could make him have injuries all over his body and be in a comatose state? Or maybe he was involved in an accident.
Esther: You are asking me, do I know?. I don't know oh, the guy made mention of him been beaten up. I've always warned this guy to be careful with his Christianity that we are in an Ifa dominated community but he wouldn't listen.
Bisola: But what do you think would have made his love for Jesus to overshadow his sense of reasoning and block his ears from listening to instructions?
Esther: Hmmmmm my sister if you ask me na who I go ask. Anytime I ask him to calm down with his Christianity insanity he would always quote Romans chapter one verses fifteen and sixteen and it says ' That is why I am so eager to preach the gospel also to you who are in Rome. For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. Me sef I wonder what he sees in this gospel of Christ that has made him so bold and unashamed to identifying with Christ. He will always tell me that the Gospel of Christ is the only thing capable of saving a man from destruction physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially but yet his life is not looking like it.
Bisola: So what do we do now?
Esther: I can't sit down and keep sitting down worrying myself about what happened to my brother, I'm going out there to find out what happened to him and help in anyway I can since I'm financially capable. [They both stand up and were about exiting the room when the door opens and a man carrying an unconscious Adebayo whose bloodied body is in a vegetative state and they are followed by three more people and Esther on sighting the deplorable condition of her brother bursts into tears and begins to question the man who carried Adebayo in] Sergeant Audu please what happened to my brother?
Audu: Just this morning I went to the market to get something while on my way to work and I saw a fairly large crowd lynching someone, as I moved closer that was when I discovered that it was your brother thank God I had my gun on me, I was able to shoot into the air and scare the people away but before I could raise him up someone hit his head with a heavy metal and he passed out but don't worry, I took him to the hospital and he was examined and miraculously there's nothing wrong with his internal organs. I have to go to work now and properly sign in as I haven't arrived at my work place yet. Lest I forget, the doctor has treated his injuries and he instructed that we should let your brother rest and come back to consciousness himself. On my way back home from work I'll try to get some medication for him. [Hurriedly exits the scene before Esther could appreciate him. Esther turned to look at her brother who laid on the chair, his entire body except his face covered with either plaster or bandage and sits down soberly sorrowfully shaking her head as Bisola tries to console her, after a short while Bayo regains consciousness and alerts them with a sneeze and they both rush towards him trying to ascertain his wellbeing]
Esther: Bayo are you okay? What happened to you?
Bayo: [Winces in pain as he struggles to sit up and narrates his sad experience] I was preaching to some people at the market and some gave their lives. I proceeded to baptize them in the holy ghost and as they were under the power of God praying in tongues, someone raised a false alarm that I had put them under a demonic spell and the market people  attacked me with various objects and the last thing I remembered was the loud bang of a heavy metal on my head before I lost consciousness.
Esther: Bayo I have always warned you concerning this Christianity stuff that you carry on your head as if you are assistant Jesus.
Bayo: Sister Esther, I've always said this and I will continue to say it, according to Romans chapter one verses fifteen and sixteen, I will eagerly preach the gospel as I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ because it is the great and mighty power of God that brings salvation to those that believe in it.
Esther: Take a good look at your life Bayo, you have abandoned every good thing just to follow this your God. You resigned from your place of work, forsook your luxurious friends and former life to choose a very desolate and poverty stricken life and yet you claim Christ will give you a better life yet he took away the old life you had and left you with nothing.
Bayo: [Smiles at the two ladies as he could see their ignorance and confusion] That's the point ladies, I lay down my life and pick up his life, the perfect life that he has made available unto us all. Although my life might not look like it now but I know that one day, my life will be an expression of his glory. [That instant, there was a knock at the door and Esther's frustrated grumbling which had dissipated earlier returned again with a stronger intensity]
Esther: [Walks towards the door and opens it, the elderly man at the external side of the doorpost staring directly into Esther's unpleasant face] Good afternoon, what do you want? Is is because I don't have a security man and I left the gate open that people are walking in and out of my compound as though we share ownership of the house? Can't I at least have some peace and privacy in my own house again[She rants angrily]
Old Man: [Speaks to her in a calm and apologetic manner] My daughter, please I'm sorry if I've offended you by walking into your compound without knocking, it's just that I'm very thirsty and was wondering if you could help me with a cup of water.
Esther: First of all, I'm not your daughter, secondly this place does not look like a place where we share water for free to the public.
Bisola: [From within the sitting room, she confronts Esther over her rude behavior] Esther who is there that you are yelling at rudely this afternoon, all humans deserve some form of respect irrespective of their age, religious, social or economic status.
Esther: Abeg Bisola, don't start with your own preaching this afternoon oh. Imagine this smelly old man coming here with the guts to call me his daughter and even request for a cup of water.
Bisola: Ehen, he has done nothing wrong. Just give him the cup of water and rest from all this stress because sef the sun is even hot for this noise you are making.
Esther: It's noise I'm making abi, the water in my house is not for public consumption.[While Bisola was busy dishing out hurtful words from her mouth to Bisola and the old man, Adebayo quietly stood up and walked out of the house with great difficulty as he was in pains to where the elderly man stood and prostrated before him as a sign of respect]
Adebayo: [In a prostrated position] Good afternoon Baba mi, please don't mind my sister, there are many things she has stubbornly refused to understand.
Old Man: Your words are true my son but my earnest heart cry is that she learns them before it becomes too late.
Adebayo: I do hope so too. Baba permit my asking oh, but what did you request from her that made her react aggressively the way she did?
Old Man: Nothing much, I only requested for a cup of water and she turned my request into something else.
Adebayo: Will a cup of water be enough for you because you look very thirsty and hungry as well.
Old Man: That's quite true my son, I haven't eaten or drank anything for the past three days now as no one has been kind enough to assist me.
Adebayo: That's so sad, I have some food and water in my house, please you might have to manage it.
Old Man: Young man, you have answered and solved my immediate needs, thank you very much, I'm so grateful.
Adebayo: Baba, don't thank me but rather tender your appreciation unto God for I'm only privileged to be a vessel he used to answer your prayers. I don't mean to insult you but you look quite unclean as well, I'm very sure a nice bath would be very much beneficial to you
Old Man: My soul bless you my son. You shall never know lack for all good things shall be made available unto you. I bless you my son, I bless you.
Adebayo: Amen Baba. Please do follow me to my apartment, it's just behind this my sister's building. [ He leads the old man out of the house to the building behind the house and Esther begins to mock him again.].
Esther: Bisola just take a look at that good for nothing human being that calls himself my brother, he has no single sense of shame. Shameless fool like him, always claiming to be following the ways of Christ without any shame. I can't wait to see how he ends like my parents who died poor because of their love for Christ. Imagine them being killed and their so called almighty Jesus couldn't even save them just the same way he refused to save Paul and Stephen when they were killed.[She was still talking when the male duo returned but this time the old man was looking clean and dressed in new clothes]
Esther: Look at him, you want to give someone clothes and you are giving someone clothes that are not even new, clothes that our father used. You don't even have any sense of shame.
Old Man: My son, you have done very well as you have proven to me what a true Christian who isn't ashamed of the gospel should look like, you have proven that statement in your words and in your character and therefore the time for your reward has come.
Adebayo: Baba how do you mean the time for my reward has come? 

Old Man: My name is Donald Johnson, the owner and Director General of Johnson's Cooperation, one of the biggest cooperation in Africa and most of our industries stand out as one of the best in the world. I was worried about whom I'll leave my inheritance to and the holy spirit ministered your name to me. I told him I had no idea who you are and he directed me to this community where I met you and heard stories of how you stood boldly for the gospel and proclaimed the gospel of the Lord and its wonderous power unashamedly. I and the Lord has chosen you to be the global manager of my chain of companies and possibly in the nearest future the next owner.[Esther who couldn't bear the news fainted and Bisola could only stare speechlessly while Adebayo went down on his knees tears flowing down his cheeks and his mouth finding great difficulty in producing words.)

Adebayo: But Sir, I'm not qualified for this great position you are placing me in either physically or educationally, mentally and even emotional wise.

Old Man: I know you are not qualified for this but God that has chosen you does not call the qualified but he calls the available and makes them qualified. 

Adebayo: But Sir, I'm only a twenty five years old man with only a bachelor's degree and no working experience if any sort except working as a labourer in a construction site.

Old Man: Young Man as I have said earlier, God doesn't call the qualified, he calls the available and makes them qualified and that's what has happened to you.                                Concerning your new role, I'll ensure you get the proper and necessary training required for the job even if it means sponsoring you through your masters and philosophers degree programs as it shall be a new platform to spread the Gospel of Christ unto my workers and ultimately the world. Concerning your injuries, rest well today because tomorrow, I'll send my driver to pick you up and take you to the city for medical check up and the necessary treatments to be administered unto you and I say to you again, congratulations Adebayo. [He leaves Bayo who lay on the ground weeping ceaselessly and makes a call]. Hello Jeremy, I need you to come drive me to the airport as I can't bear to sit in the vehicle for the four hours drive back home and call my pilot to get my aircraft ready[He walks towards the gate as light slowly fades].


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  1. There is always a day for reward.
    Good character is not bought from the market but developed through the help of the Holy Spirit.

    Great piece


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