Unashamed by Temidayo Grace Olabanji

Unashamed by Temidayo Grace Olabanji


“one table water abeg” I said to the dark skin woman that had her cooler perfectly resting on the table.
“You look really tired,  should I bring a biscuit?” She asked again. I looked at her well, her clothes weren’t perfect and her slippers looked like a gutter.
“Thank you ma” I said back feeling drenched. She brought a chair for me and insisted to give me biscuits. Out of hunger, I ate it all.
“My name is Sade and the Lord said he is here for you, he said do not be ashamed but speak even if situations have said no” She said to me smiling and all I wanted to do was hit her.
“Aunty Sade if it is because of the gospel you gave me biscuits better take your money,” I said hissing at her and throwing the squeezed 200 naira notes at her. I carried my bag and walked to the Bus stop for the Agric bus.
I am not a rebellious person, but what happens if you got molested by a servant of God, would you still be confident in HIM?
Let me take you back to last week.

Last Week

“I hate you” I shouted out loud but there was no one to help, the Bible fell to the ground and he pushed it away from my leg. That wasn’t the first time nor was it the tenth time, he started when I was in SS2 after a missionary journey. He became more aggressive and at that moment my mother opened the door.

A few minutes after.

Since NEPA decided to deprive us of light, I sweated furiously and my mom kept shaking her leg so fast. My knees were on the ground with my hands up.  The silence was unbearable there was no electricity to cause the fan to work so the sounds of the fan can give a beat to this pathetic situation.
“Dele, I told you not to go hard on her” My mom shouted back at my dad. So she knew?
I sobbed silently still wondering why my father’s selfish act led me to be punished.
“You this girl stop wearing gowns to sleep, tomorrow is Sunday go and sleep,” She said to me.
I stood up walking to my room feeling the tiny stones on the floor, it felt like it was gradually piercing me.
Don’t be confused my mom isn’t my mom in your words we don’t share umbilical cords.
I want to be like every girl, leaving a perfect life with their family.

The Next Day

My father stood on the altar and I said in my heart it is time to run. I left the service earlier running as fast as my wobbly legs could move, I carried a small bag and the church project money.
It was that afternoon I met the seller, the dark-skinned woman that talked to me about being proud to speak the gospel.

Chapter One

“Agric” I shouted at the top of my voice running so hard to catch up with the long red bus and ignoring the gala sellers.
“Agric 500” The conductor shouted making me realize how much his mouth odor sprayed my breath. I wanted to argue but remembering that I needed to run I jumped into the bus.

I gave the conductor the money and worry flooded my brain, I had no place to go to, and I had no one again. The man beside me hit me and with frustration, I insulted him back in my language.
A man stood holding his products to properly advertise, his hands looked burnt with the bold dark spots on his face.
“Good afternoon fellow Nigerians, sorry about the situation in this country. My name is Akpos…” 
My mind went back to Aunty Sade that sold by the roadside. She didn’t put on good clothes but I knew one thing she was happy, could it be Jesus that made her happy?
I scratched my head I had no plan, I want to kill my father and make him feel pain.
What do you gain?
I had no answer to the question.

“Driver, stop” I shouted as everyone turned to look at me and they looked away immediately.

“Get me down” I said again, I didn’t know what was ruling but I know I am thirsty to meet Aunty Sade, the seller, and beg her if I could live with her. The conductor insulted me and even if his mouth odor killed my breath I apologized and got down.
What is the plan now?

Chapter Two

I walked back to the road and I found her, she was sitting down on the chair listening to the radio. Within a second she ran towards me hugging me so tightly and her odor passed through my nose. That was the first time someone was excited to see me in a long time.

“God told me you were coming back” She said hugging me and holding my bag.
“Can I live with you?” I asked
She stared at me hard before looking away, no one would want to live with a stranger so I am not disappointed.
“ I live here on the road” 
Immediately she said those words I felt like a bomb fell off my chest, she lived on the road and yet she made herself happy.
“Come and sit down” She said as I sat on the chair, a little part of me wished I stayed back in the bus another part felt peace.
“ I lost my family a year ago, I lost everything, the only thing I didn’t lose is God. I call it a privilege to have a place to sell and a place to sleep” She said again her problems were sad and yet she still stayed happy.
“God is calling you, he said come to me all ye that are heavy laden and I would give you rest,” she said back at me and hot tears fell down my cheeks, I couldn’t hold it anymore.
“Are you ready to make him your own?” She asked again.
“Be confident in the gospel of Christ and apply it to your lives that was what Apostle Paul meant in Romans 1:16”  she said holding my hands
“Don’t allow the pains the devil caused to rule your destined life.” 
I let the words sink in and even if the weight was heavy I decided to give God a chance.
She said a short word of prayer and I said it with her. I dropped my bags and decided I was doing something different.

Chapter Three

Five Months After.
Even if I still sleep on the road and my bag always serves as my pillow. I run errands for people to save money to go to university and return the money I stole. 
I still flaunt the gospel, I still ring the bell to people through social media and physical gatherings. I align my life with what I preach. I speak about forgiveness because I found it hard to forgive and I knew the peace I felt when I finally did.
Romans 1:16 says  For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
I ring the bell with the cars passing by and my mates going to professional work. I smile as I start preaching and passing the gospel to people, instead of feeling oppressed I feel elevated. 
 I preach about not allowing the past to rule you. Do not be unashamed of the gospel why because it brings peace, set us free, and set every individual free. 
I lay my head on my bag blowing out the candle kissing Aunty Sade on the cheeks and waiting for you to be confident in the gospel of Christ.


  • Abeg: Please
  • NEPA: A power supply service in Nigera
  • Agric: A location In Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Gala: A name given to preserved sausage rolls kept in nylon but originally the name of one of the top companies that produce them.

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