Christian Drama: Contentment

Title: Contentment 
Text: Hebrews 13:5, 2nd Timothy 6:6

Chinedu: Joel Olutoto
Temitope: Sister Mercy
Deborah: Ogar Praise Offa
Old man: Olatunji Opeyemi

Sound: Mudasiru Eniola Ruth
Light: Moses Ajadi
Curtains: Shalom Oluwatosin, Moses Ajadi and Bro Stanley
Costume: Sister Chioma
Makeup: Sister Chioma and Sis. Juliana
Photography: Bro Niyi (Publo)
Excerpt Writing: Sis Ayomide (A-Chief) and Sis Goodness
Directors: Mudasiru Eniola Ruth and Ogar Praise Offa

Christian Drama: Contentment

Scene 1

(Two sisters in the choir are seen waiting for the Pastor after service. A brother comes in shortly as they discuss their prayer lives and the requests they have made in the place of prayer)

Deborah: Our pastor is a very busy man and it is always a great privilege to meet him.

Temitope: I hope he finally meets with us today oh. It's not easy waiting almost everyday without seeing him successfully.

(Chinedu walks in)

Chinedu: My sisters, I just saw Pastor. He said he will attend to us soon. There are only two people left in the counselling room.

Temitope and Deborah: (In agreement) That's fine. There's no problem. We will wait

Deborah: That reminds me about something I'd like to share. My brother and sister, there's this matter I've been praying about. In my family, there's this financial struggle that we experience and it is a culture from generation to generation. I've been praying about this for a while now and I'm ready to take it a step further. I want to give it everything it takes to ensure that I break free from this chain of generational poverty oh.

Temitope: My sister, I have noticed the same trend in my family too. Looking through my family, there is only one rich man, Uncle Ayo. He is a Pastor here in Abakaliki. He is so wealthy that our family members believe that he is into some diabolical things to grow his church. But nooooo. I know that man has touched a realm in the spirit. He is not an ordinary man. He has truly met with the God who gives the power to make wealth.

(Deborah notices that Chinedu has his earphones plugged and he is pressing his phone)

Deborah: (Taps him) Bro. Chinedu! Are you not in this conversation? We were just sharing a few things with you which has become a burden for us in the place of prayer. The financial issues in our lives will soon make us poorer than church rats oh. Our children will never forgive us if we don't break this chain of poverty oh!

Chinedu: My sisters, I honestly followed your conversation but there's little I can say about you… As for me, God has been putting me through some dealings and I must say that it's difficult for me. God is teaching me that since I have Jesus, I have everything. The Bible says that we should seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and every other thing shall be added unto you. God was teaching me that it takes a level of contentment to strictly seek His kingdom above everything else oh. In fact, I don't want to pray about money or try to chase it. Money will come at its appointed time. My God is enough for me oh my sisters!

Temitope: Hmmm. This is really serious. I think it's a heart issue. The Lord will help us oh. He must help us…

Deborah: I think I heard Pastor's door just opened oh. Looks like it's time for us to go in. Let us check abeg… (they rise up to leave as curtain closes)

Christian Drama: Contentment

Scene 2

(It’s the realm of the spirit where answers to prayers are received. Chinedu, Deborah and Temitope walk to the stage to meet the wise old man who tells him about the beautiful parcels in answers to their prayers)

Chinedu: Where are we? What kind of place is this? Is this a dream or something? See the light in this place! How beautiful!

Deborah: I was just about saying the same thing. It's sooo beautiful to behold. And see those beautiful parcels there. What are those parcels for? Who owns them? I think I want some for myself oh. 

Temitope: I've seen this parcel before. They look just like the one I saw in a vision where Uncle Ayo… that my relative who is a Pastor in Abakaliki… yes, he was holding a parcel exactly like this in his hands. But noooo. Is this what I'm thinking? If it is the one, then it means we have prayed to the point of breakthrough oh!

Deborah and Chinedu: Ehehn? God has finally answered us? You mean poverty has come to an end in our lives? Deborah picks a song and starts dancing…

(The Old man who was silent all through rises to speak)

Old man: Welcome Temitope Oluwafemi Beatrice (calls her name in full). I am the gatekeeper of this realm and I'm pleased to announce to you that you have gotten to the realm where the answers to prayers abound. The Lord has heard your cry. You have prayed to the realm of instant answers and now, you can pick your reward (points to a medium sized parcel)

(Temitope walks to pick the reward, shows gratitude and walks back)

Old man: Welcome Chinedu Samuel (calls his name in full). You have also gotten to the realm where the answers to prayers abound. Like your sister here, the Lord has heard your cry. You have prayed to the realm of instant answers and now, you can pick your reward

(Chinedu walks to pick the reward, shows gratitude and walks back)

Old man: Deborah! Deborah!! (Smiles). Deborah Adekanmi Oluwaseyi (calls her name in full). Like your friends too, you have also gotten to the realm where the answers to prayers abound. Like your sister and brother here, the Lord has heard your cry. You have prayed to the realm of instant answers and now, you can pick your reward

Deborah: Ah Old man! This is indeed a dream come through for me. I've been praying for a breakthrough in my life. I have fasted and prayed for long. Thank you so much for hearing me oh faithful God! You have been so good to me! (Bends down to pick a parcel from the many others. She picks the first, examines it and bends to pick another)

Old man: (Interrupts her) Young woman! What are you trying to do? Have you not taken your reward? How many parcels do you want to take?

Deborah: Baba, you see, I'm trying to weigh my options and examine the gifts here. I thought you meant I should pick up my reward and truly, with the way I have fasted and prayed, I know that I deserve much more. I know of a truth… That big parcel there (pointing) is mine.

Old man: (Nods head in disappointment) What kind of a woman are you? You can see the lack of contentment in your physical life manifesting far into spiritual things. Have you not read as recorded in scriptures that godliness with contentment is great gain? Or have you forgotten that the things of these world are mere vanity? 

Do you think that the Most High God who deemed it fit to give you such a parcel as this (collects the first parcel from her) doesn't know what He is doing? All that is meant for your fulfillment in life has been given to you in this, yet you covet much more? Don't you know that He who owns the earth and everything in it has the capacity and has given you all that you want, yet you want more?

Deborah: Wise one, I just thought to take one more for my family oh. The suffering is just too much Wise one. And from what I see, one parcel will not be enough oh!

Wise one: Keep quiet young woman. When your family members pray to this point, they will come and pick theirs in this realm. There is enough for everyone and you don't need to covet vain things. The only thing you are permitted to covet are spiritual things just as the scriptures record in 1st Corinthians 12:31. 

(At this point, Deborah breaks down in tears asking for mercy)

Deborah: Lord have mercy. My covetousness is about to make me lose it all. I'm sorry Dear Lord…

Old Man: I will restore unto you the reward of your prayers, but you must ensure that you put yourself in check that the spirit of covetousness doesn't overwhelm you. Find your true satisfaction in God alone and stay contented in Him.

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