The Holy Spirit - My Senior Partner

 'My face when my mom wakes me up at 4 a.m., saying it's 7 a.m.'

I'm sure that you must have come across that particular meme with a funny-looking image that describes how the person feels after waking up earlier. As funny as it may sound, I think mom must have calculated the time you'll spend getting prepared.

What if I say that the Holy Spirit works in the same pattern? You know the Holy Spirit as the third person in the Trinity. The Bible says the Holy Spirit will teach, guide, and direct us in all things. Underline the last sentence.

When you tell the Holy Spirit that you need a reminder on this or that, the Holy Spirit brings the reminder as a nudge to your heart. It keeps coming to your mind constantly until you fully obey.

Was there a time when you set an alarm to get up from bed and you kept on snoozing because you did not feel like getting up? The annoying sound from the alarm at the end makes you get up from bed. The Holy Spirit's reminder is like a nudge that constantly tugs at your heart; when you ignore it, you're simply snoozing the reminder that comes knocking at your heart.

The Holy Spirit can help you pick your clothes when you need to go out. Sometimes, you might not even see the reason why the particular clothes were selected by the spirit that dwells in you, which is the Holy Spirit.

However, at the end of the day, you're grateful for the leading of the Holy Spirit because you find out that the clothes were suitable for that particular day and time.

Other things It might be a good idea to leave your house with a notepad, a bottle of water, a nylon bag, or many other items that might not look like an extra load for you. If the instruction is obeyed, you are grateful for it. But when you disobey, your mind is filled with regret because those items become useful at the end of the day.

I once read a book titled The Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner.". It was written by David Yonggi Cho. In the book, he discussed extensively how a believer cannot do without the Holy Spirit. He went further to say that the Holy Spirit is the solution to every problem in the world. And to be a solution to every problem, you need the Holy Spirit.

Truth be told, as a believer, life is easier when you have the Holy Spirit as a partner that guides you in every aspect of your life. With the Holy Spirit, you get to know things before they happen. With the Holy Spirit, no situation leaves you unprepared.

The question is, are you willing to partner with the Holy Spirit?


© Oluwadamilola Ajayi

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