Understanding Ambassadorship

An ambassador is a servant. The call to ambassadorship is a duty call.
By the attitude of one man, a nation can be tagged good or bad. If an ambassador does good, the country represented will be tagged good

Isaiah 66:18-24, John 6:14-21, John 4, Isaiah 48:10, Joel 2:32, Isaiah 2:3, Luke chapters 9 and 10

Three facts about Ambassadorship
* He is purely a representative of the king of a kingdom
* He is placed to head a place called the embassy in the place God has sent him. Once people from his country runs into his embassy, they are safe - Proverbs 18:18, Psalm 105:16-19, Isaiah 48:10, Judges 1:
* He has diplomatic immunity and has backing from God. He cannot be prosecuted no matter what he does. Acts 10:38, Isaiah 60:10

Purpose of Ambassadorship
* To protect his own (Isaiah 6:3)

Issues that Ambassadors of Christ must look into
* Issue of vision
* Issue of timeframe 
* Issue of authority (Isaiah 32:1-4) - direction and instruction, subjection to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Humility and pride, Isaiah 66:18-

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