Christian Drama: This Your Freedom

School Invasion, Abakaliki High School, PRESCO
Theme: This Your Freedom
Text: Ecclesiastes 11:9


Teacher Chike: Prince Oyakhilome
Chinedu: Olutoto Joel Oluwafayokunmi
Williams: Bro Ayodele (Barrister)
Rita: Odunayo Ayomide
Chinelo: Ogar Praise Offa
Old Man/Narrator: Dabira’Ire Samuel Adekunle


Costume: Sis. Rachael
Makeup: Sis. Deborah

Director: Mudasiru Eniola Ruth

"Rejoice, young man, in your childhood, and let your heart be pleasant in the days of your young manhood. And walk in the ways of your heart and in the desires of your eyes, but know that God will bring you into judgment for all these things."
‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭11:9‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Narrator: Today, I bring to you, the story of young students like you who got carried away by the freedom of their youthfulness and got lost. You see, freedom is a large field that allows you to play around and be happy. It allows you to jump from place to place because there's so much space. But how you use that large field will determine if you will stay in a tiny box the very next minute or not. The way you use that freedom will determine if it will leave you as a free man or bound you in chains…

Christian Drama: This Your Freedom

Scene 1

Two young students are seen fighting into the stage. Chinedu locks Stanley by the shirt.

Williams: Leave me alone you fool! If you think you can beat me, let's leave the school compound first after the closing hour. I will not raise my hand at you until we close from school.

Chinedu: You are a coward! I dare you to raise your hand at me "if your parents born you well"… I will deal with you so much that if you don't die on the spot, you will live to regret it.

Williams: Hehehe! All because of a woman? You're fighting me all because of one tiny girl. I just said we should even test the girl and see if she has some class oh. But you see your life… You don't even have taste.

Chinedu: I will slap you and your teeth will fall to the ground. How dare you say I don't have taste? How dare you talk against my babe like that? (Looks fiercely at Williams)… Do you know what she has done for me? Do you know how much she has sacrificed for me? That babe you see… Rita… I was the very person who disvirgined her (raises his shoulder in a brag). It was me who made her a woman. She means the world to me and I will hunt anyone who tries to go near her.

(Teacher Chike walks into the stage with a cane in his hands. The students quickly comport themselves)

Teacher Chike: What's going on here? Chinedu? Willy Williams? What's the problem?

Chinedu: (staring blankly at the ceiling) Eerrrrm sir…

Teacher Chike: Errr what? When did you suddenly become a stammerer?… Well, you have always been unserious. I don't know what you two are looking for here, but I'm sure you are up to some mischief… (Williams rolls his eyes)

Willy Williams!! Willy Williams!!! 

(A good student, Chinelo passes by and greets Teacher Chike)

Chinelo: Good morning sir. 
Teacher Chike: Chinelo! Good girl! How are you? 
Chinelo: I'm very fine sir. 
Teacher Chike: Where are you coming from and where are you going to?
Chinelo: I'm coming from the school chapel and I'm going to the library sir. 
Teacher Chike: Alright. Be a good girl.
Chinelo: Thank you sir (as she exits the stage)

Teacher Chike: See! What a good girl (pointing at her as she leaves) But for you (now points at Williams) you have joined Chinedu in his crimes abi? Don't worry. I will come for you soon…. That reminds me, go and call Rita, the slim girl in SS1. Three of you should meet me at the staff office immediately. I will deal with you properly there.

(Teacher Chike exits the stage. The two students continue their conversation)

Williams: See your life now! Teacher asked us to call Rita (laughs scornfully). Only God knows what the issue is, but with the look on his face, it's like she has committed a crime (laughs again)

Chinedu: (looking fiercely at Williams) You are not serious. Let's settle this matter first (looks around and brings out a short gun from his cross bag as Williams draws back) See this gun, I will finish you with it today.  (He looks around again and inserts the gun in his bag)

Williams: (regaining confidence…) You no fit do anything… Don't think you can threaten me because you're in a cult abeg… I said it before that you don't have class and taste… That's why you went to join a cult of small boys too (laughs)

Chinedu: Na me you dey follow yarn rubbish abi? No wahala. We will meet after school closes. I will finish you today. It's either I die or you die, but I'm sure my death-date is not today. Let me go and call Rita (He walks out of the stage)

Williams: (following Chinedu out of the stage…) Better calm down. Teacher Chike asked us to call her together oh. Abeg, I don't want that man's trouble. Let me finish this school in peace and move on with my life… All of us go gather jam for future…


(The Old Man comes on stage to narrate further)
Narrator: Your freedom is what makes you think you can have it all. Your freedom is what makes you think you have all the power to do and undo. So today, you step on someone's toes and tomorrow, you beat someone else up. You steal, fight, drink and sleep around because you think "Oh! It's my life and I can do whatever I wish". Of course it's your life and you can do as you please… but what happens when your freedom becomes bondage. Or don't you know that true freedom involves setting boundaries to check your excesses as a person? Let's move on with the story of Chinedu and Williams, and let's see how much freedom they truly have…

Scene 2

(Chinedu, Rita and Williams walk into the stage which is supposed to be the staff room. They don't find the teacher but engage in a conversation before he comes in)

Rita: Where is Teacher Chike? I thought you said he was waiting for us in the staff room? I'm not here for any pranks oh. You know Teacher Chike has his issues and I don't want him to find me loitering around here with you guys…

Chinedu: (touching her shoulder) My baby my baby! Babim! (He gets serious) Well, yes. He said he would be waiting here. 

Williams: Make Una Continue playing love there. You go soon chop cane now. Just let Teacher Chike catch you ehn. Your head go soon correct…. You know Teacher Chike is the only teacher in this school that can command great respect from students… That man has some greater power backing him so his disciplinary measures are strict. I heard he is the Chief usher in his church and he is a very firm believer in that their Christ Jesus. If he is talking like this, you will think he used jazz on you and you will just start confessing… If you allow him catch you alone, you go hear am oh…

(Teacher Chike suddenly walks in)

Rita: (whispers) He don come…. He don come. Comport yourself abeg…

Teacher Chike: Hello! Hello! Young men and lady. Straight to your knees! (They kneel reluctantly, though quickly) First, what was happening outside there when I caught you, Williams and Chinedu (pointing at them)? Let's start with that.

Williams: Nothing sir
Teacher Chike: Nothing? Look into my eyes and tell me "nothing" again (reaching for his cane and stretching it)
Williams: Err… It was Chinedu who was fighting me because of Rita here. They are both in a relationship and I was just warning him about it. I told him I will report to you and so he was threatening to kill me today… 
Chinedu: (Cuts in) Liar! Liar!!! Ah! Willie the Liar! You can lie!! See sir! That's not the truth oh. In this school, Willie has decided to come as an opponent for me. First, he went to join the Black Biggies Cult because he wants to deal with me…

Teacher Chike: (cuts in) Hold on! Black Biggies Cult?

Chinedu: Yes sir. He has decided to become my rival and I'm going to deal with him. Imagine this small rat is also trying to share my Rita with me? Tufikwa (God forbid!)

Teacher Chike: Share your Rita? What's going on? (Looks at Rita)… Are you two in a relationship (Rita looks down away from Teacher Chike without answering)… Will you answer me young woman or I scatter this cane all over your body?

Rita: (Stammering) Yessssssir…

Teacher Chike: How! How come! You alone? (Facing Rita) Just this morning, I got a report that you stole N50,000 again from home. What on earth do you need such money for? (Pauses…) Oooh! You want to spend the money on your boyfriend? Or you want to commit abortion? Are you pregnant for him? Or what? Speak my friend!

Rita: Eeerrrrm… I… I….. I am pregnant sir. I needed the money for an abortion.

Teacher Chike: That's how you children of nowadays live your life and mismanage the freedom you have at this time. By your actions, you exchange your freedom for bondage and you don't know the gravity of what you have done. Through your actions, you deliberately put yourself under the demonic oppression of the devil and submit to his lordship. You have traded your freedom through iniquity and now you are carrying curses on your heads. The devil is tirelessly working to finish you… Of what benefit is joining a cult? What do you gain by stealing or sleeping around with women? What do you gain when you engage in violence and end up killing and destroying each other? The devil is making you find pleasure in ungodly things and he is blinding your eyes by the so called freedom you think you have…

Rita: (Begins to cry…) Sir, I have already done so many bad things in my life. I have committed abortions 4 times this year alone for Chinedu (Williams and Teacher Chike exclaim as Chinedu looks away)… I smoke and drink because Williams here too influenced me… We were all good friends until Chinedu joined the Balablu Boys Cult and Willie joined the Black Biggie's Cult…

Teacher Chike: (cuts in…) Wait! You mean, you two are cultists? Even as students? Can't you answer me? (Rita continues crying…)

Chinedu: (stammering) Not exactly sir…. It's not what you think sir. We are just a brotherhood… We do things together, we eat, drink, smoke, merry, spend money and do everything together. We are the big boys in this school and we get anything we want…. (Suddenly becomes sober)… but sir, I have lost my peace recently… I feel like I've gotten into a cage, a bondage that I don't understand…. I cannot explain in full details because I have sworn and oath that if I specifically mention the things we do, I will die… but sir, I have lost my peace and, like Rita here, I truly need help…

Williams: I don't know what's going on here, but whatsoever jazz you're using on these people cannot work on me. It cannot work on me at all… I have my life to live and you cannot dictate how I live it. (Looking at Chinedu and Rita) I told you this man uses something like jazz to make you confess. See your life now. See this foolish Chinedu who said he wants to kill me (laughs) Now, the school management will take up your confessions and you're in deep trouble. As for me, I have used one strong concoction from our spiritual superior in the cult. If you comb me up and down, one word will not drop from my mouth. (Points to Teacher Chike) With due respect, I will step out of this staff room now and there is nothing you can do about it. (He begins to walk out)

Teacher Chike: (starts talking and Williams stops) I will not stop you from leaving, but as you go, think about your life once more and ask yourself if this your freedom is not leading you into bondage… ask yourself if this your freedom will not end up tying you down to one spot for the rest of your life… (He turns to face Chinedu and Rita while Williams leaves) As for you, you need God's peace and help in your life, and He is willing to give it to you. Bow your heads and let me pray for you… (he leads them in prayer and Chinelo rushes in almost immediately… she is quite disturbed)

Chinelo: Pastor! Pastor! Teacher Chike!

Teacher Chike: Chi Chi! What's the issue? I told you not to call me Pastor in the school premises.

Chinelo: I'm really sorry sir… There is an issue… One of the students… Williams was just cut in the back with a machete by the Balablu Boys Cult sir. They're raiding their opponents and it's a serious issue…(panting heavily)

Teacher Chike: Jesus!!! Just Calm down, Chinelo. We will go there and help him. God will help us. Let's calm down first… Chinedu, Rita, please come with us… Let's help Williams. Let's save his soul … (they all leave the stage)

Narrator/Old Man: Many of you here are like Chinedu, Williams and Rita… You have traded your freedom through sin and now you are carrying curses on your heads. The devil is tirelessly working to finish you… Of what benefit is joining a cult? What do you gain by stealing or sleeping around with women? What do you gain when you engage in violence and end up killing and destroying each other? The devil is making you find pleasure in ungodly things and he is blinding your eyes by the so called freedom you think you have… Right where you are, now your heads and ask God to come into your heart. Surrender everything… 

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