How to Network in Christian Events

Here are 7 useful strategies to help you make the most of networking during the event.

1. Strategic Positioning

Strategically network by putting yourself in high-traffic places or standing alone to be approachable. 

2. Use the Approach Manner

Walk up to folks standing alone and offer to assist them in any way you can. This might assist in establishing a friendly environment. 

3. Keep the Conversation Basic

Rather than focusing on business, keep your conversations basic and personal to promote true ties. 

4. Smile and Give Compliments 

Wear a beautiful smile and an approachable aura. Also, make sure you dress well and give compliments.

5. Be Bold

Introduce yourself clearly and briefly with confidence.

6. Know when to Shift

Spend about 5-10 minutes with each person and efficiently shift between groups to engage with various people. 

7. Create Contacts

Exchange your business cards, contacts, or social media handles. This helps you establish follow-up relationships. 

Last and most beneficial:

Engage with prominent event personalities, such as influential corporate executives.

This is where you open the door to big life-changing opportunities and land turn-around alliances. 


Let's call them the destiny helpers

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