5 Characteristics of God’s Abiding Presence

The Abiding Presence (His Will)
Genesis 1:1-3, Genesis 1:26

To secure the abiding presence of God, there must be a point of separation from doing your will to doing God's will.

God's will is not what he isn't. Man must submit his will to allow God's will.

God gave man free will to test your love for Him. He gave to see how much you can give back.
Characteristics of His Presence
* It is a holy place - Ezekiel 43:12
* It is a place of abundance
* A place where the word of Godnis found - 2nd Kings 22:8
* A place of peace and security

Advantages of being a dweller in his presence 
* Psalm 91:1-16 contains the benefits of a dweller in the presence of God. It is a sure plug of safety and protection.
* You'd be able to avoid unnecessary scars
* You'd get direction for life
* When you call to Him, he will answer you. It's an easy and direct access to the father.
* You get Peace and Grace, favor and rest

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