5 Lessons from the Life of Joel

The book of Joel in the old testament focuses on the theme of repentance, God's judgement and restoration . The prophet Joel lived during a time of great turmoil in Judah ( which had previously been part of Israel) and he was one of the several divinely appointed prophets called by God. The people had turned away from God and we're facing the consequence of their sin . The land was being invaded by locust and the people were suffering from famine and drought. 

Joel called the people to repent and turn back to God. He prophesied that if they would repent , God would restore the land and bring them prosperity. 

One of the most striking parts of Joel's story is his prophesy about ' the day of the lord'. Joel prophesied that there would come a day when God would pour out his wrath on the earth. This prophesy is often seen as a foresight of the end times. However, Joel prophesied that this day of judgement would be followed by a time of restoration and renewal . It is seen as a precursor to the work of Jesus Christ and the coming of the holy spirit. 

The book of Joel ends with a message of hope and promise of restoration for the people of Judah. It is an inspiring story of redemption and God's faithfulness.

Let us explore 5 object lessons from the life of Joel.

1. Repentance leads to Restoration

Joel's message of repentance is one of hope. When we turn from our sin and turn to God, He is always ready to forgive and restore us. This is a message of grace and new beginnings.

Genuine repentance opens the door to God's mercy and restoration. It reflects a spiritual transformation and a willingness to align to God's will.

God patiently and lovingly calls us to repent and the richness of his kindness towards us are intended to lead us to run from sin. 

2. The day of the Lord (Judgement) is coming soon 

The people of Joel's day lived in luxury and Joel gave them a great awareness of the coming judgement with an emphasis on being sober and alert and not comfortable ,rich and lukewarm. It served as a warning to the people to repent and turn back to God. Prophet Joel emphasized the urgency of recognizing one's transgressions and seeking forgiveness to avoid the impending judgement. 

The lesson from Joel's portrayer of the day of the lord is a call to spiritual awakening, repentance , and a renewed commitment to a righteous life. 

This day of the lord is spoken of as a temporal judgement warning the people of a future day of the lord when the judgement will be permanent . But the day of the lord is also a day of deliverance for the righteous and devastation of the wicked 

3. A Call to Unity

One of the most important lessons from Joel's life is the call to unity. Throughout his book, Joel emphasizes the importance f all Israel coming together as one people to serve God.Joel 2: 13 - 14 says, ' And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn into the lord your God : for he is gracious and merciful  ,and of great kindness, and repenteth  him of the evil. Who knoweth if he will and return and repent and leave a blessing behind him ; even a meat offering and a drink offering unto the lord your God?" 

This message of unity is a powerful reminder that we are one body in Christ . We are called to love and support one another, regardless of our differences . We are all part of God's family ,and when we come together as one, we are stronger and can accomplish more for the kingdom of God. 

Joel's message is a call to all believers to put aside our differences and come together in unity ,so that we can fulfill God's purpose for our lives. 

This message is just as relevant as it was in Joel's time . In a world that is divided and full of strife, we need to be reminded of the power of us unity and the importance of loving one another.

4. There is a need for Spiritual Revival

Joel 2:28 -29 says, "And it shall come to pass afterwards, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh ; and your son's and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also upon the servants and upon the handmaid's in those days will I pour out my spirit."  This part of the scriptures speaks of our God will pour out his spirit on all people , regardless of age, gender,or status. This would lead to a spiritual renewal and awakening, as people would prophesy, dream and see visions of God's plans and purposes. This promise was fulfilled in part on the day of pentecost ( Acts 2) ,when the holy spirit was poured out on the disciples. However, this promise is also for us, believers, today . When we seek God and allow his spirit to work in our lives ,we can experience the same kind of spiritual renewal that Joel prophesied . We can be filled with God's spirit, empowered to fulfill his calling for our lives. 

5. The Importance of Prayer and Fasting

Joel encourages the practice of prayer and fasting. Joel 1:14 tells us that, " Sanctify ye a fast, call a solemn assembly , gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land into the house of the lord your God, and cry unto the lord". Joel understood the power of prayer and fasting as a means of bringing people closer to God. When we fast and pray, we focus our attention on God and set aside the things of the world. We can experience a deeper connection with God and receive direction and guidance for our lives. 

Praying and fasting can also be a way of humbling ourselves before God. It is not just a physical act but an act of the heart. It is a way of admitting our need for God and humbling ourselves before him.


In conclusion, the life of prophet Joel teaches us the importance of humility, repentance, prayer and fasting. These are all important aspects of life lived in submission to God. We can learn from Joel's example and make a commitment to live in a way that is pleasing to God.

God is faithful and loving ,and he wants to have a close relationship with you. He is ready to forgive and restore you, no matter what you have done. 

Also, Joel's life in the bible teaches lessons of resilience and faith in challenging times. His unwavering trust in God amidst adversity serves as a powerful example for facing difficulties with steadfastness and seeking divine guidance in all circumstances . Joel's commitment to delivering God's message highlights the importance of obedience and fulfilling one's purpose. 

Joel reminds us that the difficult times of life serves as a summons from God to trust in him. When hard times come, we may turn away from God. But Joel suggests a better course to return to God in prayer and fasting. When you trust God during hard times, you do not need to fear the threats of this world. This is what it is like to be a child of God. In the midst of despair, we are not tossed around because God is in the picture.

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