Christian Drama: Lack of Faith - Hindrance to Divine Abundance

Drama Night Title: Lack of Faith-
Hindrance to divine abundance
Text: James 1:6-7, Matt 21:22



Sophia: Sis Faith
Chiamaka: Sis Ogar Praise
Narrator: Bro Ayotola Oluseye (Ruggedman)


Curtains: Bro Moses Ajadi and Bro David Ibimodi
Makeup and Costume: Sis. Confidence and Sis Rachael
Sound: Bro Blessing
Light: Sis Deborah
Stage Manager: Sis Dolapo
Photography and Videography: Bro Adekanmi Emmanuel Adeniyi
Director: Sis Mudasiru Eniola Ruth


Narrator comes on stage
Narrator: I want to tell you a parable. A parable with two stories as one. A story of faith and another story about the lack of faith. A long time ago, two sisters came to meet me about certain issues in their lives. They came with so much pain and hunger that I could not resist but help them. So I took it up on myself and gave them two seeds. I asked them to believe that the seeds I gave them were the answers to their prayers… But their results surprised me. (He enters the curtains)

Scene 1 

Curtain open to reveal Sophia who is seen on stage in her garden. She holds a plant pot where she has planted a seed. She looks troubled and unsure.
Sophia: (sighs) Why is my life so full of uncertainties, Lord? I've planted this seed, and this is the third day, but there is nothing to show for it. I’m in doubt oh. I don’t think this thing is working at all. It’s not growing and by the minute, doubt keeps creeping into my heart.
(Singing loudly, Chiamaka enters with her own seed pot)
Chiamaka: (Seeing Sophia dejected) My Sophia! How are you doing? Why is your face this sullen and weary? What’s the issue?
Sphia: Chiamaka, it’s my plant. It’s not growing. I just don’t know.
Chiamaka: Is that why you’re dejected? My friend, we have the same issue but I’m not worried at all. The baba who gave us the seeds told us specifically that the seeds are the answers to our prayers. Even though I don’t know how long this will take, I am sure that it is only a test of our faith and believe in God. So I choose to believe that my plant has blossomed into a beautiful flower. I choose to believe that I have gotten answers even if there is nothing growing in my pot. I choose to believe that there is a mighty tree in my garden even if it looks like my seed is dead…
Sophia: How exactly do you do this? How?
Chiamaka: my friend, it’s difficult I must confess, but at the same time, I still trust in God's plan, and I believe I will see miracles. I believe that faith in God works patience in us, so this is just a matter of time. The reality will show forth.
(Curtain closes. Narrator comes out from the curtain to narrate from outside)
Narrator: Many people do not know that the matters of faith are matters of the heart. How do you explain to people that the only requirement to access results is that you should simply believe? How difficult is it? You only need to believe in the one true God and take your faith to the bank, it will bring forth the resources you desire. Do you remember Peter? He only took his faith to the fish and it became an ATM. Many of you apply faith everyday but you just don’t even know. It is in faith that you take your card to the ATM expecting it to bring out money. It is in faith that you call your uncles and expect them to send you money. If you can trust and put faith in men this much, how then do you find it easy to doubt the king of Glory who can give you all things? How then do you find it easy to lack faith in the God that nothing is too hard for him to do?
How? How?
(Narrator returns to the curtains. Curtain open again and closes.)
Sophia: (looking at her struggling plant) Today is the seventh day and I honestly wish my faith were as strong as yours, but I don’t know why I can’t seem to see the results I desire. I’m losing hope and faith in this process and I don’t know if I’m doing all things right. We got the seeds together but what exactly happened?
Chiamaka: My dear sister, I have told you time and time again. If I say that I’m not worried, that’s a lie. However, I have come to realize that as far as this plant is concerned, the joy of the Lord is my strength. This is how my faith is strengthened. This is how I am able to stay calm. See my pot too. If you look well, you’ll see nothing inside it. However, I have faith that there is something big in it . I have faith that it is by far bigger than what I can contain.
Sophia: I’m honestly tired of all these, Chiamaka. Maybe I should open up the seeds and see what’s inside. Let me check and see if it is growing at all. I’m tired
(Chiamaka tries to dissuade her. She holds her hands)
Chiamaka: No! Nooo! Please don’t do that. Don’t try to uproot your faith and believe in God. He has promised that you have answers to all that you seek. This is the evidence you have to show for those answers. This is the only thing you have. Have you forgotten Hebrews 11:1? That Faith is the substance of things hoped for? The evidence of things not seen? So if you destroy this evidence, how exactly do you want to prove that you have been given answers? You go to explain, my dear.
Sophia: (continues crying and struggling with Chiamaka) Leave me, I want to uproot the seeds. I can’t continue like this…
Chiamaka: Sophia, please hear me… Faith is not about instant results but trusting God's plan even when the outcome seems uncertain. You have the evidence of answers. You have the substance that shows you have received a response. Please don’t shatter this hope and believe in God. Please don’t! (She continues crying)
(Narrator comes in again)
Like Sophia, many people are already losing hope and faith in God. If you can only hang in there a little while, you will see the salvation of the Lord. The devil wants you to lose faith so he can mock you well. He wants you to live a life that lacks faith. He wants you to live in fear of the unknown, but instead, God is calling you to have faith in Him. He has not given you the spirit of fear but of power love and sound mind- all of which are a result of your faith in Him.
(Sophia, feeling disheartened, notices a tiny bud on her plant.)
Sophia: Chiamaka! Chiamaka!, my plant is finally showing signs of life! See the small plant growing inside. The seeds are opening up…
Chiamaka: Heeeeeei! (Rolls around in excitement) See, Sophia? God works in mysterious ways. Your faith has led to this beautiful beginning. I told you that Faith is a journey, not a destination. Like a blooming plant, it takes time and patience and you only need to trust that God is at work, even when we can't see it. The abundance you see in your spiritual life, physical, financial, emotional or whatever aspect of your life is dependent on the depth of your faith in God…
(Narrator comes in again)
The abundance we seek as a people, in our lives is dependent on how much faith we can carry. Scriptures says if you have just a little faith like a mustard, you’d command the mountain to move and it will. The abundance we desire will come by faith. The abundance of souls we seek in Ivo rural rugged will come by our faith over fear…


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