December 6: Today in Christian History

December 6: Today in Christian History

December 6, 1305

Death of Maximus, Metropolitan of all Rus, who had spoken in behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Golden Horde, as well as taking sides and urging peace in Russia’s internal power struggles.

December 6, 1492

Christopher Columbus names a port on the Island of Haiti “Saint Nicholas” in honor of the saint’s day.

December 6, 1538

Death of Anna Zwingli, widow of reformer Ulrich Zwingli. She passes away softly, worshiping and commending Bullinger and other friends to God.

December 6, 1675

Death at Great Munden, Herts, England, of John Lightfoot, a Bible scholar and clergyman in the Church of England. He had been a member of the Westminster Assembly, often preached before Parliament, and had made major contributions to the Polyglot Bible published in his day.

December 6, 1678

Father Louis Hennepin, visiting the Niagara Falls, draws the first known sketch of the awe-inspiring landmark.

December 6, 1679

Catholic priest Oliver Plunkett is arrested in County Dublin, accused of being in league with the French government and of plotting to aid a French invasion of Ireland. He has been hiding there under the name Mr. Meleady. He will be executed, the last of the Catholic martyrs in Britain.

December 6, 1812

Czar Alexander I signs a decree allowing a Bible Society in St. Petersberg, Russia.

December 6, 1816

Czar Alexander I issues a letter of religious tolerance for Russia.

December 6, 1829

Missionary William Carey learns that Sati (widow-burning) has been abolished in India. Although it is Sunday morning, he decides that translating the declaration into Bengali is more important than preaching, and he races to prepare the announcement before nightfall, fearing delay may cost lives.

December 6, 1863

Ordination of Imad-ud-din in Calcutta as a deacon. He had converted from Islam to Christianity and will author at least twenty-four Christian books and receive the degree of Doctor of Divinity.

December 6, 1878

Death of evangelist John Vassar at Poughkeepsie, New York.

December 6, 1925

Death of Baptist pastor Russell Conwell, founder of Temple College (Temple University) and author of a popular sermon titled “Acres of Diamonds” that argues Christians should seize honest opportunities to earn wealth for good uses.

December 6, 1996

Elijah Abubakar Yisa, Muslim convert to Christianity, a priest of the Anglican Church, opens his church as a haven for displaced people during rioting in Nigeria. Acting in his capacity as a pastor, he also will speak with authorities, defusing the crisis.

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