Christian Poetry: I am Christ’s

    ~1Cor. 3 vs 21-23

A tremendous Lover; His wealth and throne abandoned,

to be born of a woman and die as a man,

for my redemption to Himself.

A loving Saviour; the yokes of sin broken and His yoke of freedom for me to bear,

purified unto Himself as a peculiar people,

zealous of good works.

The good Shephard; not an hireling, His sheep He knows by name and by their names He calls them. 

One fold purchased by the blood of one Shephard.

The Intercessor; One who died, beyond that, was raised again,

to sit beside Father's right side,

interceding on my behalf.

Though I own all things, yet I am not mine but His,

a gift of the Father to Him.

So, no man shall pluck me out of His hand.


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