What Exactly Is Judgement, Justice And Faith?

 Judgement, justice and faith are all important concepts in the bible. Judgement means discerning what is fair, reasonable and honest. Justice is about treating people fairly, and doing what is right, regardless of the circumstance. The Bible teaches that all people are sinners and in need of forgiveness and salvation . God has made a way for us to be forgiven and saved through his son Jesus Christ. Through faith in Jesus Christ ,we can receive forgiveness and eternal life. 

Judgement is God's final assessment of each person's life. Justice is about God's perfect standing of right and wrong and how he will bring about justice on judgement day. Faith is about trusting in God and his word, and living in obedience to him. All of this three concepts work together to give us a complete picture of God's plan for our lives and the future.

The bible says that God is just and he exercises perfect judgement and discernment in his dealings with mankind. He is a judge and his justice is impartial and he forgives whoever accepts the work of Jesus Christ .

Let us explore a few facts about Judgement, Justice and faith

1. Judgement is not just about punishment for sin, but also about God's mercy and grace. 

2. Justice is about is about fairness and equity ,and how God will ensure that each person is treated fairly.

3. Human judgement is often flawed and biased while God's judgement is perfect and unbiased. 

4. Faith is about trusting in God's character and promises , even when we do not understand what he is doing.

5. Human judgement can be based on emotions ,cultural norms, and other fallible factors. But God's judgement is based on his perfect character and perfect knowledge.

6. Justice is a central part of God's character.

7. Faith is the foundation of our relationship with God.

8. Judgement is it something to fear, but to look forward to.

9. Faith can grow strong over time as we learn more about God.

10. Faith is essential for salvation

11. Faith is what allows us to trust God's judgement and justice.

12. God is the ultimate judge, and he will make sure that justice is served.

13. Faith is the foundation of justice and judgement.

14. Without God, there will be no objective standard for judgement and justice.

15. God's judgement and justice are ultimately for our good ,as they lead us to repentance and restoration.

16. God's faithfulness is proven by his promises and covenants with his people.

17. God's justice and faith is demonstrated through his actions in history and his word.

18. God's judgement, justice and faith are eternal , and they will not end even after this life is over.

19. God's judgement is his desire for us to be in a right relationship with him.

20. In the bible, God's judgement is described as a refining fire , purifying us from sin and making us more like him.

God is a judge who holds every human being accountable to his law and his justice knows no favorite. Romans 2:11 -13 tells us that, " For God shows no favoritism . All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law ,and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law. For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight ,but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous ". This verse of the scripture makes us understand that when it comes to God's judgement, God has no favorites. All are guilty of sin and must repent of sin and be justified by Jesus Christ's blood to receive forgiveness. Since God judges all men without favoritism, ignorance of the law does not excuse anyone from the condemnation the law imposes for sin. 

Faith is the key to receiving God's justice and judgement .Those who have faith will be judged according to God's standard of righteousness and those who do not have faith will be judged according to their own imperfect standard . Without a standard of justice , there would be no way to to make a fair judgement and without faith, it would be difficult to have confidence in God's justice .

God's judgement is just and altogether righteous . There are a lot of perversions of justice in this world and the good news is that justice is going to be done by the one who is perfectly just and perfectly righteous - God. God's judgement in the book of revelation is for the hope and promise that is held out to all of those who have taken hold of Christ by faith .It is important to understand that God's judgement and justice is tempered with mercy and grace. 

 Justice is the reflection of God's character as he is described in the bible as " the righteous judge" ( 2 Timothy 4:8). God's justice is based on his perfect and holy standard and it is administered with fairness .

Justice is not merely a legal concept, but it is also a moral and spiritual one. Psalm 82:3 says, " Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and destitute ". God's justice and judgement is not just about punishment of sin but also redemption, restoration, and his love for us. Judgement without justice will be arbitrary and unfair,and justice without faith would be blind and incomplete. But when we have faith in God's perfect Justice,we can confidently pursue a life of righteousness. Even though we can't make ourselves right, God can work his righteousness and justice in us and through us. Psalm 98:9 says, " For he will bring his justice to the nations, he will bring fairness to the people ". 

Ultimately , judgement, justice and faith all point to one thing -Gods love for us. Even when we fail to live up to his standards. He still loves us and offers us forgiveness and grace. God does not judge us based on our mistakes ,but on our willingness to turn to him in faith. God's judgement and justice does not shame us ,but draws us closer to him. They are not about being legalistic or hard hearted ,but being compassionate and gracious. God justice might not always be immediate . Sometimes,it may take a long time for justice to be served. Faith allows us to trust that God is at work even when we don't see the results right away. 

The theme of judgement, justice and faith are all deeply interwined and essential to our understanding of God and his character. We are called to have faith in God's perfect judgement and justice, even when we don't fully understand it . We can find comfort in knowing that God is fair, impartial and unchanging ,and that he is always working for our good . We should continue to grow our faith and trust in the perfect judge and source of all justice. As we trust in God's justice and judgement ,we must also be careful not to become prideful or judgemental towards others. As we live out our faith, we should always be humble, kind and compassionate ,just as God is towards us because it is through his grace and mercy that we can truly experience his justice and judgement. As we grow in understanding God's justice, judgement and faith ,we find ourselves being  transformed more and more into the image of Christ.

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