Christian Poetry: I Die Daily

Lust, innocent but seductive
I led to the cross, 
as the judgement passed was crucifixion. 
She, I nailed to the cross, 
as I choose to die daily.

As for Pride
the judgement was death by hanging.
In arrogance, he pleads for life
but I choose to die daily.

She, Lies, a beauty 
in deceptive garment, 
speaks justification for her actions. 
Her tongue, I sliced, 
to respect my choice 
of dying daily.

a legion, on our way to his death, 
side attractions he called my attention to, 
but I disobliged 
as I choose to die daily.

Anxiety and Fear, 
a lovey-dovey relationship 
that took Faith from me. 
In hope of Faith's return, 
with bullets, I made holes in them.

World and her seeds, 
a family I left behind 
with my eyes fixed on the cross, 
where I can die 
to Fact for Truth to have life.


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