History of the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF)

Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) History

If you’re reading this, I want to believe you’re neither inside NCCF Family house, NYSC Orientation Camp or of sheer curiosity. Truly, NYSC means nothing without passing through NCCF and living in an NCCF family house is not complete without knowing how it all started. If you know the beginning, you will appreciate NCCF and what she stands for.

I lived in NCCF Ondo State House, Alagbaka Akure 2013/2014 Batch C and as the State House Brother’s Coordinator, I was opportune to get my hands on information that were not readily available to other Jesus Corpers.

This history of NCCF goes as thus;

In the early days of 1930’s there lived a British missionary, specifically a Scottish by name PA. S. G ELTON who resided in Ilesa, Osun State (i.e. southwestern part of Nigeria). He gave the prophecy that a time will come when the Federal Government of Nigeria will pay her youths to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the nooks and crannies of the nation. This prophecy tarried for some time and look like it will not come to pass until between 1967 and 1970, when (Nigeria was hit with civil war) popularly known as Biafra war.

However in 1973, during the regime of General Yakubu Gowon, in a bid to build one united Nigeria he established a scheme known as the NYSC (National Youth Service Corp), this scheme demands that young Nigerian graduates be posted to states other than their state of origin to serve their fatherland in other to foster unity.

NCCF Divine Providence

In 1983 NCCF came into existence. In NCCF we call ourselves “Jesus Corpers” and we have a slogan which is: Jesus Corpers/NCCF will never die  – one big family. NCCF has her national headquarter in Jos, Plateau state. NCCF is three in one body;

Fellowship (Where Christ and not church is preached)

Corporate body (meaning NCCF is registered with the corporate affairs commission, and as a corporate body, NCCF can sue and can be sued but we thank God for since then NCCF has not sued or been sued). One big family indeed

Rural rugged evangelism

NCCF generate funds through four means



Freewill donation

Capitation: One out of your 12-month allowances payable while you are still serving. It can be paid in instalment

NCCF is built on three R keys:




During the orientation camp program, Christian graduates met and fellowship with one another. They then went back to their various states and shared their experience of which to their surprise happened to be the same.

NCCF family house is a home away from home.

NCCF provide accommodation to Corpers who want to stay with them

NCCF provide accommodation to Non-Corpers who need urgent accommodation

NCCF is present in every State in Nigeria, and each State has a zone and Subzone

Just like Campfire night in Orientation camp, in NCCF, you will participate in rural rugged evangelism. This is the very reason why NCCF exist. The whole of Jesus Corpers in a particular State meets up in a particular village or town to share the Gospel as well as to give out free medical checkups and relief materials to the community. This exercise lasts for 3 days, and without NCCF, NYSC has little meaning.

…. and that’s all for NCCF History

NCCF Family Song goes as thus;

I love this family of God

So closely knitted into one

They have taken me into their arms and am so glad to be a part of this great family.

Hand in hands together will stand

I need you to build this family,

I need you to always pray for me

Higher and Higher we will go

Stronger and Stronger we will be

Brighter and brighter we will shine

Don’t you know you mean so much

Papa, you mean so much to me

Mama, you mean so much to me

Uncle, you mean so much to me…

[Any Corpers name] you mean so much to me…


Check out Inside NCCF Family House

Check out NYSC Allowance Clearance Letter

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