7 Christian Business Coaches You Should Check out Today

In our world today, several Christian Business coaches exist who can help believers excel in their businesses while exemplifying their faith. 

7 Christian Business Coaches You Should Check out Today

Being a "Christian Business Coach" really is about defining what is at the core of coaching and business decisions. A Christian business coach can help bring life to the vision God has given you and grow your business.

Here are 7 of them you should check out:

1. Fela Durotoye

Dr. Olufela Durotoye, founder VIP Consulting Gemstone, is one of Nigeria’s pioneer leadership, business coach and strategist and motivational speakers. Born in Ibadan, Oyo State on 12 May 1971,  he has to his name more than 27 years of active service as a coach and consultant for governmental agencies and leading organizations in banking, oil and gas, telecommunications and manufacturing.

He is renowned for expertise in culture transformation, service leadership and workforce activation. He has assisted companies from different sectors of the economy to satisfy their quest for phenomenal service leadership culture and corporate transformation management.

He ventured into entrepreneurship in 2000 when he set up VIP consulting Limited, which gained speedy acceptance in customer and human management in Nigeria. In seven years, he transformed the company to a social enterprise rebranded as Visible Impact Limited, catering for industry leading names in banking and financial services, oil and gas, telecommunications, manufacturing, governments and public sector institutions and international organizations such as the European Union, Nigeria’s office and the Economic Community of West African States.

He is also the founder of the Fela Durotoye Company, from which he coaches over 600 CEOs and top business executives. He also set up the FelaDurotoye Leadership Network where he currently mentors over 15,000 leaders in business, enterprise, education, religion and the professional service sectors.

Fela Durotoye never hides his faith even as he travels round the world, speaking in conferences. His values and principles are based on the scriptures as he often makes references to them as he speaks, provoking his audience to thoughtfulness.

No wonder he continues to flourish and lives to help other businesses do the same.

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2. Sue Miley

Sue Miley is an intelligent Business Coach, who started Crossroads Professional Coaching, after many years in the corporate world, in order to help others seek and find God's plan for their business.

Her education is varied to support her different career directions. First, she earned  her undergraduate degree in Finance at Louisiana State University in 1986. And in 1993,  completed Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing.  Finally, she finished her  education with a Masters in Education in Community Counseling in 2004 because she wanted to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.

She then started a business career in finance. After a brief stint in banking, she was hired as a financial analyst at a regional consumer packaged goods company – Community Coffee Company. She spent a total of twelve years at this 70%+ regional market share coffee company and served as a Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, Marketing Research Manager, Marketing Manager, Corporate Controller, Vice President and Director of the Coffee House Division, and even interim CFO for a year.

This culminated in leading a new operating division of gourmet coffee houses. This was a start-up division with a very different culture than the traditional grocery store and office coffee divisions.

Amidst of all of these, she found God. In her words, "You see I found God somewhere towards the end of my tenure at the coffee company. I felt God calling me to a different path. Although it wasn't the absolute straightest path, I soon left the corporate world, earned my license as a professional counselor, and went on to become a Christian Business Coach and Counselor".

Afterwards, God opened many doors, which provided opportunities to work under other Christian counselors, pastors and even be on staff at her church for a couple of years. This mentorship helped complete her education and experience in biblical knowledge and Christian values.

Over the years, as an Elder and Ministry leader in her  church, she combines her knowledge of business with what she has learnt about walking with God. She believes in building business on a foundation of Christian values.  And, therefore, have done it in her business and helped many other Christians in business.

3. Funto Ibuoye

Funto is an alumnus of Joseph Business School and a graduate of Covenant University, where she graduated with a Second-Class Upper Degree in Accounting in 2010. Shortly thereafter, she attained her Chartered Accountant certification in 2011. Initially employed as an Accountant in the tech industry, Funto later embarked on a new adventure, transitioning to Brand Management at the renowned multinational company, L’Oreal.

However, driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Funto eventually founded her own organization, Five28.

Her exceptional contributions have garnered widespread recognition across notable platforms. In 2017 and again in 2023, she was honoured as one of the most inspiring women in Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa. In 2020, Mogulettes Africa celebrated her inclusion among the 100 Most Inspiring Moguls. The Richer Woman Inc. further acknowledged her impact, naming her one of the 100 Most Impactful Women in 2022. These accolades serve as a testament to Funto’s consistent dedication and influential presence within her field.

Beyond her role at Five28; Funto is the visionary force behind Recalibrate Academy, a faith-based business coaching initiative set up to raise kingdom minded, profitable and influential entrepreneurs who advance God’s agenda in the marketplace. 

She believes that believers in the marketplace can as well have souls as their priority, even while making outstanding profits in their businesses.

She also believes in applying scriptural principles and commiting to excellence in delivery even as business owners.

Through her books, coaching programs, and speaking engagements, Funto has touched the lives of numerous individuals globally.

As an accomplished author, Funto has penned six impactful books, including notable titles such as “RECALIBRATE” and “SMALL GIRL, BIG GOD”.

4. Steve Harris

Steve Harris helps high performance individuals and institutions bridge the gap between their performance and potential. Over the last couple of months, he has helped clients earn several million dollars through his coaching programs.

"I'm exceptionally good at High-Performance Coaching & Business Acceleration. (Sorry too many people try to be modest about what they’re good at…I don’t know why, but that's not me. I’m really good at what I do and not shy about it…now, if you’re exceptional at something you, shouldn’t be either.)", says Steve Harris.

Some Christians business owners are guilty of this, not being bold at selling themselves and getting way less profit than they should. It prevents then from scaling up and truly being at the position of advantage in their business.

In May and September 2015 as well as in April 2016, Steve was listed among the 'World's Top 100 Business Coaches To Follow On Twitter'. 

He's been featured on The Economist, Slate Magazine, Yahoo Finance & other news, print and in June 2019, he was also featured on Forbes Africa.

Steve is tough on his clients because he believes that they come to with a destination they want to get to, but they’ve never been and it's his responsibility to get them there; and thus take it seriously.

If you're not ready to put in the work your results desire, then don't call, email or sign-up for anything he prints, deliver or discuss.

He knows that he is tough, but can guarantee that you'll never find someone who's cheering you on and is passionate about being in your corner as much as he is, when he's your coach. It's tough love, but you'll never second guess the love.

Steve is also a certified member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a member of the Life Coaches Association of Nigeria (LCAN), the American Association of Small Business Consultants, Texas, USA and the International Certified Consultants Association, Canada.

5. Robyn Graham

Dr. Robyn Graham is a business growth strategist and coach, host of The Robyn Graham Show, and author of You, Me, and Anxiety: Take Action Over Anxiety to Enjoy Being You, in which she shares her life- long journey with anxiety to help others navigate anxiety to live a joyful, peaceful and purposeful life.

As a business growth strategist and coach, she helps you simplify the business-building process using strategy and effective action, systems and processes, and SEO (simplified) so that you don’t have to be on social media.

A teacher at heart who is a passionate, impact-driven woman, wife, mom of three, and dog lover. In addition, she is a Christian business coach who’s unapologetically grounded in faith. Her faith and values are part of every aspect of her life, including business. Scripture is what keeps her from overthinking so that better decisions can be made and more entrepreneurs can be helped.

Her coaching program is first and foremost grounded on her Christian faith.

After years of working with her branding photography clients, she felt called to another career change. She enjoyed what she was doing, but wasn’t quite fulfilled; she wanted to have a bigger impact. During this time, she also recognized that many of her clients didn’t know how to build a solid foundation for their businesses. As a result, she added coaching to the menu of options to work with her. She became more fulfilled doing this and was having a more meaningful impact by helping clients implement business growth strategies. They not only had success faster but also created the opportunity for sustainable earning potential.

All the marketing and research experience, listening to clients, and understanding where they are and what they need, helped her design The Purpose to Results™ Method, which is focused on mindset, strategy, and action to produce results faster.

Uniquely combined with her innate creativity and intuitive and empathetic nature she has been led to this distinct place where she's able to help clients build their own brands and businesses with the confidence to follow their God-led calling.

Dr. Robyn Graham also the founder and owner of Robyn Graham, LLC, and the creator of the Purpose to Results™ Method. With an emphasis on mindset, strategy, and action, she helps entrepreneurs leverage their God-given gifts to grow businesses for a lifetime of limitless earning potential and have a meaningful impact without being chained to social media.

She lives with her family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and secondly in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, where they spend time on the golf course and the water. Family is at the center of Robyn's life, and the joy and strength she find there infuses her work with meaning and purpose.

6. Anthony Hilder

Anthony Hilder is a Christian business coach that simply helps you to discover that you need to do to improve your business health, through his business coaching process assessment.

The assessment works in three phases: discovery, design and delivery.

After the assessment, Anthony's clients are able to have a custom and in-depth plan to significantly increase their business health. He then provides coaching, support and input as clients implement and this he has done for years.

He believes in having a mission; what is He God calling you to do? Vision; how well your values and actions align etc

He also believes in and loves to work with a custom plan unique to an individual's business. These includes: stewarding the prophetic; which is shaped by what God has said, spiritually transformative; which is developing the culture needed to sustain the business and a clear road map for next steps.

The following shapes his business coaching values and working principles:

  • Biblical mindedness; scriptural principles over business practices.
  • Spiritually minded; always seeking God's mind for the business.
  • Culturally minded; learning about your business uniqueness
  • Practically minded; doable steps that generate momentum 
  • Positivity minded; hopeful and expecting the best
  • Strategically minded; long-term thinking over short term fixes.
  • Relationally minded; dialogue and understanding being keys to partnership
  • Transformation minded; result oriented that aims to see change

With these values, many have said to have found a lot wisdom in his assessment method and coaching.

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