God's Will is never stranded

During a recent screening of a Mount Zion movie on YouTube, a profound lesson emerged. Within the storyline, a brother confidently pursues a romantic interest, guided by what he believes to be God's directive.

Initially, the sister hesitated to accept the proposal. She dealt with an embarrassing ailment that prompted her to erect emotional barriers. Before her heart could be won, the suitor faced the daunting task of dismantling these walls.
After fervent prayer, she finally agreed, convinced that the brother was indeed part of God's plan for her. Similarly, the brother remained steadfast in his belief that he had received divine guidance and was eager to pursue a godly relationship with the lady.

As the courtship progressed, everything seemed to be going smoothly until the embarrassing ailment resurfaced. This unforeseen challenge shook their confidence in the guidance they believed they had received. In fact, the brother began to doubt whether he had truly heard from God. Consequently, the once-promising relationship began to falter, and he found himself unable to bear being in the presence of the lady.

Despite the lady's efforts to bridge the gap, her attempts only seemed to widen the distance between them. Feeling increasingly disconnected, the brother began to explore other options. Meanwhile, the lady dealt with her struggles alone, grappling with the heartbreak of their disintegrating relationship.

Desperate to find a clearer path, the brother sought a new direction, believing that the supposed will of God for him had faltered. Encountering a new woman with questionable character, he overlooked these concerns, drawn to her lack of the embarrassing ailment that had plagued his previous relationship, and was willing to settle for her.

In summary, the previous lady encountered another brother who surpassed the one who had left. Remarkably, this new brother discovered a last-minute solution to her ailment.

However, for the brother who departed, his new relationship soon unraveled. He realized that the woman he had chosen lacked seriousness and commitment.

These are invaluable lessons to heed:

1. Just because someone is the perfect will of God for you doesn't mean they are not also the perfect will of God for someone else. God's plans are intricate and multi-faceted.

2. Embracing God's will doesn't shield a relationship from challenges. While they may manifest differently from the ones depicted in this story, obstacles are inevitable.

3. What may seem imperfect or undesirable to you could be the very thing someone else is fervently praying for. Appreciating the value in what we have, even amidst imperfections, is crucial.

4. The will of God can be redistributed to someone deemed more suitable, as illustrated in the parable of the talents. Hence, stewarding what we have faithfully is crucial.

5. Initially, God's will may not align with our desires, but patience unveils its true purpose and form.

6. Overconfidence in exclusive entitlement to God's will may lead one astray. Pursue relationships with diligence, understanding, and endurance.

7. Despite challenges, maintaining faith and perseverance allows one to navigate storms and find peace within the will of God.

8. Though God's will may not appear comprehensive from the outset, its inner workings reveal perfection.

9. Even if the will of God appears resistant to change, God's plan persists unwaveringly.

10. God's will is never stranded, even when it seems at odds with our expectations.

In essence, staying vigilant and responsive to God's will is paramount.

©Oluwadamilola Ajayi.

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