In Spiritual Counseling and therapy, you’re dealing with Spirits - Ogunrinde Opeyemi

In our Interview today, we speak with Ogunrinde Opeyemi Favour, a Spiritual Counselor and Therapist, who is popularly known as Illuminator. She shares her thoughts on suicide and depression in our society today and how a Biblical perspective can help us reduce the rates of depression and suicide. 

In Spiritual Counseling and therapy, you’re dealing with Spirits - Ogunrinde Opeyemi

Can we meet you?
Guest: I am Ogunrinde Opeyemi Favour, popularly known as Illuminator. I run the Kingdom Blazers Network, a parent online ministry where we organize programmes and conferences such as the yearly Youth Ablaze Conference and the Radiance Conference among others.

Kingdom Blazers Network is the parent Ministry for Gracified Christian Counselling Centre, a Christian counseling centre that focuses on addressing issues like addictions, low self-esteem, masturbation, psychological distress, overcoming suicidal thoughts, marriage and relationship Counselling and purpose discovery. Our vision is to transmit life because we understand that a healthy spirit and mind is important to help any individual pursue an assignment and fulfil purpose. If you don’t have an healthy mind, have psychological or mental distress, it would make it impossible to achieve your beautiful goals and visions. So we affect those things bringing people down psychologically.

Also, it is a parent ministry for Light Up Potential Discovery and Academy is an institution that aims at helping you discover your hidden potentials. We dig out, help you discover and nurture 

I’m from Osun state but I’m currently based in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Ogunrinde is active on social media. You can connect with her via her official handles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X and Threads.

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