5 Lessons from the Life of Nicodemus

Nicodemus, a Pharisee and a member of the Jewish ruling council, is seen in the Gospel of John (John 3:1-21) as a seeker of truth. 

Here are five lessons we can learn from his life:

1. Always Seek Understanding

Nicodemus approached Jesus seeking knowledge and understanding. His willingness to engage with Jesus despite potential social and religious barriers teaches us the importance of seeking wisdom and truth, even if it challenges our preconceptions.

2. Learn Humility

Despite his position of authority, Nicodemus humbled himself by coming to Jesus at night, perhaps to avoid public scrutiny or to engage in a private conversation. This teaches us the value of humility and the willingness to set aside our pride in pursuit of deeper understanding.

3. Spiritual Rebirth: Jesus told Nicodemus that one must be "born again" or "born of the Spirit" to enter the kingdom of God. This teaches us the necessity of spiritual renewal and transformation in our lives, emphasizing the importance of faith and spiritual growth.

4. Faith Beyond Tradition: As a Pharisee, Nicodemus was so steeped in religious tradition and law. However, his encounter with Jesus challenged him to look beyond mere tradition and embrace a deeper, more personal faith. This teaches us the importance of moving beyond religious rituals and embracing a genuine relationship with God.

5. Courage to Take a Stand

Nicodemus is mentioned twice more in the Gospel of John, defending Jesus before the Pharisees and helping to prepare his body for burial after the crucifixion. This demonstrates his growing courage and commitment to following Jesus, even in the face of opposition. It teaches us the importance of standing up for our beliefs and taking action, even when it may be difficult or unpopular.

Also in this same scriptures lies the popular scripture (John 3:16). The story of Nicodemus has helped us to see ourselves how Christ sees us, and to know how much God loved us.

I hope that these lessons are not just informative but transformative.

This article was written by Rachael Omotayo, a Content Writer at The New Man Movement. You can read her full profile here and check her other works here.

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