Author Profile - Lois Ugbu

Lois Ugbu is a devoted Christian with a deep passion for spreading the Gospel. Born on 4th August in Benue state, Nigeria, she has lived in various places throughout her life, which has helped shape her perspectives on people. An enthusiastic language expert and educationist, she teaches the Gospel, German, and French. She also loves volunteering. 

Her walk and work with the Navigators have given her a platform to advance the Gospel, discipleship, and the importance of the Word. She is also actively involved in missions. Lois is committed to teaching others to become reliable people who can further the gospel. (2 Tim 2:2) 

Reading and writing are her primary hobbies. Lois has a voracious appetite for reading and finds writing to be a powerful tool for advancing the gospel. She is grateful for every opportunity to share her experiences and life lessons with others, often using her struggles to help others facing similar challenges. She is especially passionate about student missions and is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals. 

Lois Ugbu is a shining example of God's mercy and love, and her passion for sharing the Gospel has made a significant impact on the lives of many.

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