5 Things that Happen When Christians Fail to Discern

We have all had occasional strolls down memory lane to those moments when we could not seem to subdue the sharp tingling in our stomachs and hazy feelings our brains could not get a grip of when something, someone or someplace left an indescribable and uncomfortable air. We have all also sought clarity, consequently placing tags on these strange moments and feelings. A bulk of us have referred to the stirring emotions as odd feelings. Regardless of the terms our ever-busy minds made up in justification, those moments were simply discerning moments.

To discern or have a discerning moment is to distinguish the truth from things that are partially true and false. While it is considered a gut feeling for the average human, for Christians, particularly those who have answered the great call out of darkness to light, it is regarded as the spiritual sixth sense. In rattling times like this- times Jesus consistently stressed; we need not be reminded there will be endless situations that would require us to use this sixth sense.

Jesus’ warning in Matt 24:11 about the emergence of false prophets with various schemes and Apostle’s Paul stress in Colossians 2:6-8 on the vile effects of the eminent doctrines and philosophies that will seek to redefine our stance all show the urgency of discerning. The sad truth is failure to discern means conceding to the devil’s wild tricks.

The inability to discern is an absolute tragedy for the involved Christians and those around them. Five things that can happen when Christians fail to discern include:

  • They are led into confusion.

Ecclesiastes 10:15 paints a perfect image of those who have no sense of discerning, highlighting how they go about the city in confusion- laboring in vain. With life becoming increasingly difficult to navigate, discernment can serve as a map/guide, persistently illuminating our paths. Wandering around the city and losing one’s way equates to running in circles, overwhelmed by conflicting doctrines, teachings, and theories.

  • They become lukewarm.

Would you choose a bland and almost cold cup of coffee over a hot soothing one? I highly doubt that. Lukewarm Christians are bland and unpreferable. God also dislikes bland coffees(Christians) and would spew them out of his mouth, Revelation 3:15-16. The only person who loves lukewarm and undiscerning Christians is the devil.

  •  They become spiritually stunted.

Nobody ever gets over how babies grow in surprising ways barely years after we met them all wrapped up in their cribs, completely clueless of the evolving world: the same is expected of Christians. Babies in Christ are expected to grow, Hebrews 5:14 and enjoy the benefits of becoming adults.

  •  They become preys.

A soldier at the battlefront is expected to have some combat skills: so is a Christian. Accepting Christ’s call means we have been drafted to his army to fight wolves as sheep, Matthew 10:16-18. Can we even begin to paint a weapon of a soldier without weapons at the World War 2? 

  • They are unable to help others.

We are charged on the mandate ‘’Go’’. An order to help those whose lights are about to be sniffled out by our common enemy. Those who are grappling in darkness cannot help others find light, Matthew 5:16.

   As we continue to stay afloat, we must never negate the power of God’s words and prayers. For those who discern, you must ensure your sixth sense remains active, for those who are struggling to recover from the enemy’s attack against your sixth sense, absolute trust in the word of God and prayers will undeniably do the trick.



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