5 Kinds of Bible Study Teachers you’d find in Churches Today


1. The Rhema Detective Teacher

Imagine these teachers as Bible detectives, always uncovering new meanings in familiar verses. They'll help you see how a verse you thought you knew well can have a whole new perspective, like finding hidden treasure in plain sight.

The Rema Bible Study teachers always see rema every time, where you obviously see nothing. They would bring out new perspectives and insights from the Word of God and you will be like, "wow, how did this man come across the Scripture? And I've never seen it in this light."

These are real men of God that are taking their time to study the Scriptures and to actually show themselves 'approved, a workman that needs not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of God.' I love these kind of Bible teachers because they make you see light where you see nothing. They make you see sense where you see no sense.

2. The Scripture Explorer Teacher

Think of them as your guides through the Bible. They'll connect verses from different parts of the Bible, showing how they all fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It's like connecting the dots to see the big picture of what the Bible is saying.

Also known as the 'Dissecting Scriptures with Scriptures Bible Study Teachers' are teachers of the Word of God that would not want to just explain the scriptures with words of mouth alone. They would explain it using another scripture, and the list goes on and on like that. They just keep explaining each scripture with another scripture. I love these kind of Bible study teachers because they make you see how the Word of God can be linked together. You can easily see linking of words from the Old Testament to the New Testament, the epistles, prophecies, the letters of the church, etc.

3. The Life Coach Teacher

These teachers are like life coaches, using stories and examples from the Bible to help you with your everyday problems. They'll show you how ancient wisdom can be applied to modern life, like getting practical advice from a trusted friend.

There is no dulling moments with such teachers because they will make you know practical steps that can be gotten from the scriptures and how to incorporate them into your daily living. They just don't see the word alone - they see how we can live through the lens of the scriptures.

I love these kind of bible study teachers too because you will begin to see the scriptures as a relatable letter from God for living life effectively.

4. The Pause and Pray Teacher

You can picture these teachers as ones who like to mix prayers into their teaching. It might seem unexpected, but it helps you connect with God in a deeper way as you learn. It's like taking a moment to catch your breath and refocus before continuing the journey.

A further classification of these teachers are the “Arise and Pray Bible Study teachers”, who in between the word study, are always endowed by the wisdom of God and cannot just help but to raise their voice in prayers because of the light that has come through the word. The scripture says that "the entrance of Gods word giveth light and maketh wise the simple". So because of this wisdom that is gushing from the word of God, they can't just help but to tell you to arise and pray that right now according to the word of God in Ephesians that the eyes of our understanding be enlightened that we may know the hope of his calling ....

 I love these kind of Bible study teachers because they will make you pray in between word study.

5. The Greek and Hebrew Teachers

   They're like language experts diving into the original languages of the Bible, such as Greek and Hebrew. They'll show you how understanding these languages can help you understand the Bible better. It's like digging into the roots of a tree to understand how it grows.

 Also know as  theologians, they are the men of God that would always make you know the Greek and Hebrews. They would tell you the word of God is called Logos. Life of God is called Zoe. I mean, a lot of examples like that. These men of God make you want to check your dictionary. They would always make you go on Google. "Please, what's the Hebrew word for this? What's the Greek word for this?" They bring a new light to your understanding because at that point, you will no longer be restricted by just the normal English understanding of the word of God. They begin to take you back into history as to what each word meant so that you won't be confused.

I love them as well because by their explanations using the Greek and Hebrews you will obviously learn new Greek and Hebrew words whenever they teach and this in turn will make more learned.

Which is your best?

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