Christian Poetry: May 1

The tale of men given to the labour of love that would be rewarded; not labour of reward for reward!

Adam: a garden to be kept; master gardener gave purpose to the man He made and gave breath to.

Noah: an ark to be built; master builder's plan revealed to him. As a faithful steward, he did exactly as he was commanded.

Moses: God's people to be rescued; an encounter that led to commissioning. With his hands up, the people sang songs of victory.

David: a sheep to be rescued; both lions and bears, caught by the jaw and clubbed to death to rescue father's sheep.

Solomon: a temple to be built; a father's desire brought to reality by a son and father's Lord found a place to rest His head.

Mary: a saviour to be birthed; Father's spirit came upon a handmaiden grace found. "... nevertheless, let thy will be done."

Paul: goodnews unto the Greek; an encounter with the Word on his way to Damascus. For this, he laboured more than them all.


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