Hold the hem

It's 4:00pm and you're back from church even though it was your body that went to church, you sent your mind on a long distance errand.

The house is empty but your head is full. You drop your Bible and hum a song going to the kitchen. You know that there's practically nothing to come home to but you're holding on to the tiniest hope that perhaps He would have done something.

You open your pot to find it empty. You sigh and move back to the sitting room. In a corner, a calendar is beaming at you. You get it and move back to your chair. 

Today is just 9, not even half of the month and your house is already empty. The problem of how to survive for the remaining days hit you. The problem of how to manage the stipend in your hand gnaw at your throat. 

You remember the distress call from your sister last night, you sigh and hit the table in frustration. 

Your heart ache, your lips tremble and your legs wobble. You need a miracle. You need something to hold on to.

You raise your head again and you see your Bible. You get it and open your note. You can't seem to even understand a thing because the bitter truth is you seriously need supply.

You bow your head and try not to sob. You can't seem to move on but then you remember the Bible passages that reminds you of His grace and provision.

You have those Bible passages in your head because you're holding on to the helm of his clothes and you know He definitely wouldn't fail. 

Relax, you will be fine. He has you. 

Hold on to the hem of His garment, it will not tear and it's safe. 

Hold the hem, it's "hem (help)" ful.

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